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  1. @@MichelleT Thanks so much for posting. I look forward to your pictures!! My TA is going down next week and she offered to take pictures and check things out for us as well. It's so great to hear that Cabo is getting back on track...I love that place and look forward to returning next year!!
  2. These are really great wedding websites ladies...very inspiring and encouraging!!! I really need to get mine up and going so I can share and get feed back from you all!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. We sent out STD's....in September...which is the month we are getting married in next year...I went on Zazzle and created some from a stock design they had which ended up costing about $73.00 bucks. If I would have thought about it more...I could have done some myself that would have been more cost effective. I was more concerned with getting the info out to guest so that they could start planning. The hurricane hit in Cabo...and really put a hold on things so now I've had more time to think things through as far as invitations and other things. I am also creating a website...but just wanted t
  4. These are awesome!!! I really like this idea....and I am going to try and make them myself....nothing like sharing your creation with others. It adds such an amazing personal touch!! Thanks for sharing!!
  5. Wow...everything looks so beautiful!! I am so glad it turned out perfect for you!!! What a good news story!!! Thanks for updating us and sharing!!
  6. That is crazy!!! Why charge so much and they aren't even there for the whole day??? Please keep us posted on what you ladies find out!!
  7. @@hyoungquist Yes please send me the video. My wedding is also on the beach!! Lupita told me that the reception would take place on the tortuga deck and the reception at the Palapita Salon. I didn't realize there are other options. I'll email her my wedding colors and find out what's included!! My email is soulgroovy75@@gmail.com. Thanks!!!
  8. @@hyoungquist It's quite disheartening to hear that they want to charge you for making your wedding personable. If you are providing the items and placing them where you want....why should they charge you?? I haven't even figured out what personal touches I would like to add so this concerns me once I do!! How did you find out what flowers were included? That was something I planned to have as a personal touch!! One more question...when you say that there is a $400 dollar vendor charge...what does that mean? Do any of you ladies know how the tables are set up? Like for example will the we
  9. @@hyoungquist Thanks!!! It's on a Friday but I'm sure that's just as busy!! Any suggestions??
  10. @@MichelleT I am also getting married at Sandos Finisterra in Sept. of 2015. I'm glad to see that others have chosen this place as I was having some concerns because there weren't many reviews back in May...but the ladies on here have been quite helpful. @@DVon18 It seems will be the one getting married there very soon so I am waiting to get her reviews. Good luck on your planning and Congrats!!
  11. @@DVon18 Sorry to hear your date is already taken. Hopefully you can find something closer to your original choice. @@hyoungquist Thanks for sharing once again. How do you find all this awesome stuff?? I'm really feeling a bit overwhelmed with planning as it is almost a year to the date!! It kind of makes it difficult since the venue is so far away and I won't be able to go down until a day or two before the wedding. It's up and down for me as I am so simple and on this day it requires more of me than just simple...lol!! Thanks ladies for all of the amazing info you've shared!
  12. Hello Ladies.... Sorry for the late reply....been pretty busy with work and all. @@DVon18 I am looking forward to your review as well. The pictures you said to check out are absolutely beautiful and it really gives me more insight into the Finisterra. I'm even more excited now!! @@hyoungquist I haven't reached out to Lupita since we signed the contract back in May. It still feels a bit early...but maybe I could be wrong?? Hopefully you hear from her soon so you will know what dates you are working with.
  13. Hi @@susie q....I am not sure about that and it's something I need to look into as well. Hadn't even gave it much thought until you mentioned it. I email and find out and get back to you. @@DVon18 Thanks for this heads up. Were you able to add the rooms to your room block?
  14. Hi @@susie q !!! A few women including myself have booked this resort for our weddings. I am thinking google maps maybe out of date. Try the following link and see if that helps. http://www.sandos.com/hotel-finisterra-en-cabo-san-lucas/weddings/events.htm?gt=1 I have had great contact with and from Lupita!!!! Also I've included a link for reviews about this place. I too wasn't sure about it at first because I couldn't find any info on it but soon found out it had been bought by Sandos and went under renovations. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g152515-d308090-Reviews-Sandos_Finisterr
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