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  1. Hi ladies! We booked our DJ - we're going to use DJ Mannia as he was a lot better value than the resort DJ when you add in a dance floor. Let me know if you want his contact info!
  2. We're planning on flying Southwest so we get 4 bags free and then we're going to buy some luggage from goodwill and use that to pack our extra decoration and welcome bag stuff, and then just leave it in the DR so we don't have to pay for it on the way back. I think my FI and I can get our clothes and personal items in 2 suitcases so that gives us 4 suitcases for miscellaneous items.
  3. Yes, I'd love pricing if you have it! Could you email it to me at grabmillerwedding2015@@gmail.com please? Would you send me pricing too please? I'm trying to talk my FI into it My email is grabmillerwedding2015@@gmail.com. Thanks!
  4. I haven't seen it but I've been anxiously awaiting it, lol!
  5. The picture is of a wedding on the pier with orange decorations.
  6. Hi girls! I created a FB group called Dreams La Romana brides if you all want to join and upload any documents, photos, etc that you have. I'm not sure how it will go but I'm on another group for off resort brides and it is SO helpful and supportive and I think it would be great to have a group like that specifically for people getting married at Dreams La Romana. I feel like it's easier for me to answer/ask questions on FB since I'm always on there anyway lol.
  7. I'm in one that is for off-site weddings at Jellyfish and Kukua, but still has tons of helpful information. I think it would be so great if there could be one specifically for Dreams La Romana with reviews, advice, tips, and just a place where we can share and vent (if we need to). Does anyone know of anything?
  8. We are getting the free welcome party too. Does anyone know the options of where it can be held and what the extra costs are as far as a bonfire? I could ask the WC but it takes her so long to respond lol. Also, what time are you doing your welcome parties? Before or after dinner?
  9. Yikes! I was thinking the same thing! When are you getting married? I love to hear a review of the DJ. I was thinking about doing the MC as well so they can announce everyone. There's SO many details.
  10. I'm not sure yet, we were thinking 20 people, so no DJ, but now we have about 50 people saying they're going....so I guess it just depends. lol. We'll see what happens once it comes time to book. If you are having a DJ are you using the resort DJ or booking someone outside? I absolutely love Katya Nova's photos but I emailed her about our wedding on 8.1.15 and she isn't available as she is hoping to be preggo then. There's several other photographer, none of which I loved, but a lot of girls on here speak really highly of them. HDC, Photo Souvenir, Photo Phil Steingard. Good luck! Photos were super important to me so I had a really hard time deciding, we are going to fly someone from the states there for the wedding because I wasn't in love with any photographers in the area.
  11. Is anyone not having a DJ? If so, what are you doing for music during dinner, first dance, etc?
  12. Is anyone doing any entertainment after the wedding dinner, like fire dancers? I didn't see them on the options on the resort brochure and wanted to know if anyone is using them, and if so, whether you'd mind sharing the pricing?
  13. Thanks for the tip! Do you mind PM'ing me with what you paid per bag and what was included in them?
  14. Hi all! My FI and I are getting married at Dreams La Romana in the Dominican Republic next August and are looking for a photographer. I had my heart set on Katya Nova, however, she isn’t going to be available on our date. There are several other good photographers in the area but they’re pretty expensive, and I don’t LOVE them. I feel like if we’re going to spend quite a bit of money then I should be totally in love with my photographer. At this point, it would be around the same price to pay travel costs for a photographer in the states and their package price (as long as it’s reasonable), which I’m totally willing to do if I can find someone I absolutely am in love with. Do you ladies have any suggestions? We would like someone who has done destination weddings before and I really like an artisitic romantic candid photography style. I’m not crazy about the overly posed photos. Any help would be SO appreciated, at this point, I’m totally overwhelmed!
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