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  1. hi all! i'm back! we had an amazing time. minus a few bumps relating to ceremony and reception set up (and Jessica overall, actually) everything was perfect. Juan Navarro was AMAZING. everyone had so much fun and had a great time. will write a more detailed review later!
  2. I did find out that Visa charges 3% in international fees, and Cap One does not charge anything. One week from today I'll be in Mexico! Jessica sent me a list of everything we have agreed on for our welcome party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception - she is very organized so don't worry!
  3. Curious what credit cards you used to pay for your weddings - i.e. i'm trying to avoid international fees and Visa charges 3% on international charges. Do any of you know the best way to handle this?
  4. @@JenniferH114 - any photos from Juan yet? Can't wait to see more - the ones I see on your profile are beautiful!
  5. @ jenniferleigh1122 I think some other brides have looked at both properties, too, and have decided on ERC if they are on this thread I have been to a wedding at EPM and it was beautiful of course, but I wanted something different for my wedding. I love the gazebo option for the ceremony, and the piers for photos, and EPM does not have those options. I do not believe there is a bonfire package here. EPM is newer, however, they have been updating ERC over the past year as well. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice!
  6. 2 weeks from today we'll be in mexico! and yes i am nervous/anxious/so excited!
  7. Thank you @@Sabes44 and @@JenniferH114 - you've made my decision to have a first look easier! I am also concerned about it taking away from the walking down the aisle moment, but i also feel like i will be overwhelmed enough seeing all of my friends and family! Glad Juan knows of nice spots to take us. Did you guys take photos in the spa at all? I saw this one photo of a couple standing beside those VERY tall white curtains and it's beautiful. Just curious how much direction I need to give Juan in terms of locations for photos, or if he knows best where to go?
  8. Did any of you do first looks? I'm going back and forth on that! If so, where on the property did you do it?
  9. How was the music during the ceremony? Was it loud enough for all to hear? What songs did you choose @@JenniferH114 and @@Sabes44? Did you just have your songs on your phones and Jessica handled the transitions?
  10. @@JenniferH114 - did you request lobster for your reception? That entree sounds different than what Jessica gave me. I have "GRILLED FILET OF BEEF TENDERLOIN GLAZED WITH ROASTED PUMPKIN SEED SAUCE AND SCALLOPS WITH SERRANO CILANTRO BUTTER ON PAPAYA MANGO RELISH SERVED WITH HORSERADISH-INFUSED MASHED POTATOES AND FRESH SEASONAL VEGETABLES" as my choice, but yours sounds better Anyone else have different entrees?
  11. @@JaimeCKL - the spa normally suggest times. I'm getting married at 5 also and my hair appt starts at noon. But I know that's more than enough time! My MOH, mother, and mother-in-law are also getting their hair and makeup done, and I think their appts are around 1:30.
  12. @@Sabes44 and @@JenniferH114 - did your officiant stand in front of you at all times during the ceremony? Jessica told me they would stand in back so the photographer could get photos with the ocean in the back. How windy was it on the beach during the ceremony? Also, how was your reception food? What choices did you go with? Thank you!!
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