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  1. Since July of last year, I have felt more comfortable about my body. Most people that I have included in my diet have been supportive, while there are others that I have heard nothing but negative comments from almost since the start. "Stop counting calories, you're ridiculous. You need to live a little!" "You're not fat, you don't need to lose any more weight!" "You were never fat!" "Why do you want to lose weight?!" These are some of the things that have been said to me as I've progressed. Thankfully, I have had the will to ignore it and keep progressing. I just want to know if anyone
  2. Yeah, also curious about the playboy idea (just spitballing) would that be the equivalent of the landing strip? Anyway, yes it will hurt, but that also depends on how sensitive you are. Some people I know really enjoy them (I know, freaks!) and some people will never ever have them done again. I think you really have to try one to determine which one you are.
  3. It is really sad to hear that you had to change things around, but at the same time I think that (reading your posts) you have found a way to become more comfortable with your decision. Even though the actual moment itself might have hurt, I think that you have to remember why you did it. Proud of your resolve!
  4. I think that if you are having a hard time staying motivated – get some good music that really gets you going, set a reward for yourself. You have to be able to see the results for yourself and know how things are changing, otherwise people have a hard time staying focused on what they are doing.
  5. It can be exceedingly frustrating if people think that they somehow have to be involved in every minute detail of the wedding. I think that you ultimately have to remember that this is YOUR day, and even though I always think it is important to keep people happy…you can’t do that if it makes you uncomfortable.
  6. Hey everyone, relatively new to the forum but I wanted to ask a question. I am currently trying to find a treadmill for myself because I tend to go to work before my local gym opens up. However, I also do not have much energy when I come home from work. I was wondering if some of you had a suggestion for a boost early in the morning? Perhaps these is a special breakfast, shake, drink, vitamin that you try that works for you? I have tried drinking a lot of water (which helps some people apparently) and have I have tried oatmeal and coffee before as well, which does ok but nothing special. I
  7. For us it is only five years, but that is still enough to where some people are saying that he is too old for me. When I look at the age difference between my parents and most of their friends, I wonder when it started to become ‘normalized’ that you needed to be about the same age?
  8. I am with Cassie here, I want to know more information so I can borrow (I meant to write steal but ya know) your information. It sounds like you had everything planned out and were able to save some money that way. I am learning so much from just browsing here J
  9. I do not think that you ‘need’ to have them, but if you are going to make people go barefoot I’d make sure that you do not have older people who might need specific shoes and I would want to make sure that there is a place to rinse off your feet or at least use a towel to brush the sand off your toes.
  10. When it comes to the wedding, I do not see any need to compromise unless there is absolutely no alternative. You are causing yourself some sleepless nights it seems, but then again you only get a once in a lifetime chance at planning the wedding you want. Once you start getting the pieces together I guarantee that some of the stress is going to be relieved...I've been there
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