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  1. Beautiful veil. http://www.edreambridal.com/veils-4.html
  2. Do you remember the steps how his hair guy did your hair. I want to learn how to screw up hair so I can do it by myself. I also look forward to pictures.
  3. Good luck! I look forward to seeing the picture after you wear your favorite dress.
  4. what is your budget? Which parttern you like most? Wear what you like, you have right to make decision.
  5. Yes, I agree with you. Perhaps you can keep the veil to take photos only or wear a short wedding veil.
  6. I would rather shop for the wedding dress by myself because I can choose my favorite dress in this way. If there are many people accompanying with me, they will have all kinds of opinions. And finally, it is hard to reach agreement and that will make me confused.
  7. strapless bra/bustier with neutral color. Shoes with the suitable and the same height with those in your wedding.
  8. I have ever tried to lose weight by eating less, but I failed.Now, I do exercise and eat less. I envy your perseverance.Good job.
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