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  1. I have been wondering about this and how to handle it. Thank you for all your insight!
  2. Thank you for your review it was super helpful. We booked with GGG today!
  3. Ok I see as long as I know to send out the invites immediately after booking is a step in the right direction. I am a Canadian bride. Thanks again I really appreciate your responses!
  4. Thanks Kmk, I didn't realize you could get extensions on blocking, I guess that's something we should talk to our TA about. I guess I should start looking at invites to have them ready for when we book. I was just afraid that giving people 30-90 days notice a year in advance some guests wouldn't necessarily know if they could make it thus most likely missing out on the rate. Thanks for the advice and pointing me in the right direction, it's hard to know what comes first in this process. I may need a step by step guide lol
  5. Hi everyone, We're planning a September 2015 wedding, a lot of you have mentioned you have booked a year in advance to secure the rate quoted for 30-90 days. I'm just wondering how far in advance you plan on sending your invites? It seems as though you'd have to send them immediately after booking so your guests take advantage of the rate before it goes up. Not sure of the proper etiquette here. Please help this newbie Thanks
  6. What a great idea, learning a lot from this group Thanks for sharing!
  7. Yes if you could PM that info to me it would be really helpful! Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi everyone. My fiancee and I are thinking of getting married at the Dreams Palm Beach Dominican Republic next September and was wondering if anyone had all the info and different options that they offer at that resort such as a catalog with the different cakes, floral arrangements, food, decorations, ect... If anyone does and they could send me a copy it would be most appreciated.
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