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  1. @JaimeCKL the pools are not open at night. There is a sports bar where the disco used to be so we hung out in there and played pool and they had karaoke like every other night. The shows are good but not much partying going on at night. We went right to sports bar after the shows. The martini bar is open late also but it's just a bar, not tvs or anything.
  2. @victoriasalv our ceremony was 5:30, cocktail hour 6:00 then reception 7:00-11:00 @@kathryn78 we used destinationweddings.com as our travel agent and they were great. We had Pam Gramling and she helped with all the booking. @@upstatekj Elias is not there anymore. I had a women do my hair and makeup. I loved both but it was windy on beach so my veil/hair kept flying around. I had loose waves. My MOH had her hair up and it was much better with the wind! She has a book with pics of hair you can look through but I would bring a pic of hair and makeup you want. I'll try to upload pics now!
  3. Hi ladies, just wanted to write a quick note. We are back from our wedding and everything went perfect! We had cermony on beach, cocktail hour on beach by Oregano and then reception at lobster house. Our photog was Sasha Gluck and our DJ was Julian Molina from JWD Events. Both were great! No complaints about anything. Jessica was on top of everything. I had a welcome dinner at Oregano and that went great as well. This was our 4th time at Excellence and we will definitely go there for our 1yr anniversary. If you have any questions let me know, we know this resort pretty well. All I can say is don't stress, Jessica really had everything in order and perfect!
  4. @@upstatekj we are not doing any excursions for our guests. Some guests are doing stuff on their own, most of our guests made it a vaca for themselves and most like to drink and relax lol so we figure let everyone do what they want. My fiance and I are taking a trip to the ruins and I'm really excited about that. This is our 5th trip to Mexico (4th to Excellence) and since we'll be there 10 days this time we decided now is the time to do the runis trip because it's a full day trip! That's a great idea for the gifts, who doesnt love the spa! And they have an amazing spa!
  5. Hi ladies, I am leaving in one week for our May 2nd wedding. We will be there for 2 weeks but I will try to write a review as soon as possible! I talked with Jessica last week and got my invoice and she did not miss a thing so I'm feeling pretty calm at this point
  6. @happykat a tan light suit with tie but then at reception tie, vest and jacket will come off. I actually liked just a vest but he got the jacket for pics.
  7. Hi ladies, does anyone know if they still have a dj/dancing at night now that it's a sports bar?
  8. @@karijean thanks!!! So happy they put in a coffee shop. And we're anticipating our reception at Lobster House so excited about the renovations. I hope the sports bar turns into a nightclub!
  9. Oh ok lol..I'm buying the welcome bag stuff now and have my 2nd dress fitting next month. I still have to find a dress for my shower and the welcome dinner. Sure I'll be busy up until the last minute. I'm looking forward to my bachelorette party
  10. @@Sabes44 I forgot you are getting married the day before us. We are having a welcome dinner so we may see you around Have you decided on everything yet? We leave for Mexico 4/28, feels like it's coming so quick!
  11. @HNeal Great, I will look at Michael's also. I am placing the maracas/papel order tomorrow. They already sent me some sample flower drawings they do. Our wedding is May 2nd. I do love the pier, something we'll have to think about.
  12. @@HNeal I just looked at your pics, you looked amazing and wedding looked beautiful! I just had a couple questions. How did you know how much papel picado to order? Also, I thought in pics you had like paper balls hanging too. Did you order those too? I went on the website and am going to order the maracas (thank you so much for the info). One less thing to drag through customs! We are debating between the pier an Las Olas for cocktail hour. Las Olas seems like better room, was it decorated at all? Were they on top of the appetizers/drinks for guests? Thanks for all your help!
  13. @@HNeal we are also having our reception as Lobster House. Did you choose to have the one long table or could you do like smaller round tables? We are having 29 people so just thinking of the space and room. We've eaten there before but can't think of how it will look without tables/chairs. We are having a DJ with a light up dance floor so I'll have to see how that fits.
  14. @@upstatekj I didn't know about Elias..ugh...thanks for letting me know! I just got confirmation of times for my hair/makeup. Hopefully they have someone as good as him! @@HNeal thanks for all the info, I'll check out your pics/review now!
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