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  1. Exciting!!!


    We don't get a WC coordinator until 2-3 months before either, but we get the general wedding lady to answer all our questions, send us all the files of things we need to pick (flowers, cake, extras, etc.).    Seems to work well!!!


    Waiting for the RSVPs to come in was agonizing but you will get there.  My deadline just passed.


    Have fun planning!!!

  2. I know that my resort in the Mayan does not have witnesses for the symbolic ceremonies, but I plan to ask if they will do it for us.  For those people who may then know it wasn't a legal ceremony.


    Unless you decide to put them as your wedding party I am not sure what you could do?  You could give them flowers, or you could make one an MC or make them both give toasts.  I would probably speak to my fiance about it once the sore spot of his brother not going has passed.  I don't think it's unreasonable to have them as your wedding party, it's not their fault his brother can't go (though it does suck).


    I had a similiar problem. Needed one BM but have 2 sisters.  One wasn't planning to come so asked the other.  Then she is, felt bad, asked her too, she said no, so it all worked out. but was a stressful nightmare.


    Good luck

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