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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RoyaltonWhiteSandsBrides/ I posted a review in this topic but the above FB group is very helpful
  2. I've heard this is a big problem with using Stave Clarke. She takes forever to get your photos to you. We were married in January at the Royalton and used Misha Earle. We received our pictures within 6 weeks. Not only did we receive our photos quickly she responded to emails within 24 hours and was amazing g on our wedding day. I highly recommend her. Good luck I hope you receive your pictures soon!
  3. Here is my review of the Royalton My hubby and I were married at the Royalton on January 10th 2015 our group had a total of 23 people including 1 infant. Here is my review... We chose the "free pkg" with the Jamaican Experience add on. Note that you still have to pay the minister fees if you want a legal ceremony. Cost was around $350. We had our first meeting with Chandalyn our second day after arriving at the resort. She was amazing, she had all our emails in a file along with a copy of our final invoice (which we paid in advance before we arrived at the resort). It was a quick 10 min meeting we just reviewed our final details sheet and she asked if we had any questions. I had decided when I arrived that was no longer going to stress about all the little details, we were in Jamaica mon! The next day I brought her a bag of all our decor we brought with us (chair sashes, table overlays, flame less candles, candle holders, fabric to drape the gazebo, hand fans, place cards and place card holders, napkins etc. ) We also had our bouquets made here in Canada by a company called bloom bridal and brought those with us also. They looked AMAZING! I highly recommend checking them out on Facebook. I packed all our flowers wrapped in tissue paper in my carry on. The day before the wedding our wedding party met Jodi (Chandalyn's assistant) at the wedding gazebo and we did a quick walk through of how the wedding was going to proceed the next day (where to stand, when to exit etc.) The day of the wedding I had champagne and oj brought to our room (we had the Diamond Club upgrade so our Butler took care of this for us) My bridesmaid did my hair and I did my own makeup. But my maid of honor had her hair done at the spa and it looked fabulous! I swear she had glue in her hair cause it still looked the same at 2am lol! She did warn me that they were a little slow doing her hair so I would be sure to allow plenty of time if your getting your hair done at the salon. I choose Misha Earle as our photographer. She arrived right on time and even brought her assistant Andre with her. Words can't explain how amazing Misha was. She was patient, understanding, and so easy to get along with. Just pushy enough to get all the photos I wanted without being overbearing. Everyone LOVED her! Thank you, thank you Misha! Note that the resort charges a $450 vendor fee if you choose a photographer from off the resort, but many photographers cover that fee. Our ceremony was set for 3pm at the gazebo. There was another wedding right before ours at 2pm and they ran late a little. I have to say I got a little stressed when I looked out my patio and still saw different wedding colors on the gazebo at 2:40... But they managed to change everything just in time for our wedding. At 3pm Jodi came to our room to walk us to the gazebo. The walk to the gazebo is completely paved all the way. No worries if you want to wear heals walking down the isle. The ceremony was short and sweet like 10 mins total short and sweet lol! After we had said our I do's The steel drum band immediately started playing, it was amazing and although it was very windy at the gazebo I wouldn't have had it any other way. Everyone started dancing and drinking and partying. It set the tone for the rest of our wonderful night. After photo's we had our entire reception/dinner on the beach. I didn't rent a tent or lighting or a dance floor. We went for the real beach party feel, toes in the sand dancing under the stars. I wouldn't have done it any other way it was perfect. Even the food was great! Our guests said the jerk chicken served at our dinner was the best they had all week! And I can't say enough good things about the reggae band that played at our reception. The lead singer was AMAZING!! Well that was a long winded review. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask while it's all fresh in my mind! Good luck to all the other brides and grooms out there and happy planning! My advice don't stress out too much they really know what they are doing. I would absolutely recommend this resort for a wedding. No one in our group had any complaints. It was a wonderful week in paradise
  4. Congrats Girl!! We are leaving in 12 days!! So excited Looking forward to your review and writing my own review when we return.
  5. Can anyone help me out with what documentation I need to send to the resort for our marriage certificate? I know I need birth certificates. But they need to be notarized? How do I get this done? Also where do I send them? Thanks ladies!
  6. Have you looked at the Jamaica experience package? It includes 1 hour of a steel drum band, private cocktail hour, 2 hours reggae band, and a private dinner and reception. Options for reception are ballroom, pool side or beach with no additional setup fees. All for $1799 It includes 20 people and it's $50 extra per person over the 20 people.
  7. My fiancée decided he wants the guys to wear long sleeve white dress shirts(tucked in) a tie to match the bridesmaids and beige dress pants. He is going to wear the same with a silver or grey tie to look more bridal and possibly a vest.
  8. CherJK they are awesome!! Very nice and good job figuring out how to post a pic. One question, how do I upload a picture into my gallery? I don't even know what that is lol!
  9. Pamelas21 not too sure what I'm going to do with the paper lanterns. I'm not even sure where they would hang them but I'm hoping they can be used. I plan on buying some batteries powered led lights for them. The wedding coordinators told me setting up my decorations wouldn't cost. I'm not going to bank on that one lol! Did Merrick honour the original pricing he quoted you? The prices he sent me were away more than the ones you posted I love his work and Dean Clarke. Of course the 2 most expensive photographers and they don't cover the resort fee
  10. CherJK I was going to ask the same question. Does anyone know how to post a picture not as an attachment? Pamelas21 I totally agree! I can't get over the crazy prices the resort charges just to rent decor. I am trying to avoid renting anything from them. When I can purchase something for 1/4 of the price why would I rent it from them!? The craziest part is I can only imagine all the decor brides leave after the wedding. They must have a crazy stock room! For my mason jar cups I'm having vinyl decals made and will put the names on myself. I'm lucky enough to have a family friend doing them for free. Yes FREE wow that's the first time I've said that since I've started wedding planning lol! I'm planning on putting a few things inside the cup ( SPF lip balm, travel candle, body wash etc) if not I might buy some inexpensive bags for the cups. Here is a picture of the cups. If anyone knows how to attach a picture not as an attachment I'd love to know Has anyone chosen their photographer yet? I'm still struggling with this decision. My fiancé doesn't want to spend a ton of money on one But they are so important to me. I might have to cut in other areas to put money towards pictures.
  11. Try ebay, or aliexpress. I purchased mine from ebay for $40 and it is beautiful!
  12. Atennille I'm planning to give my oot bags (actually personalized acrylic mason jar mugs I purchased at costco) at the resort. That's the plan anyway, I might change my mind once I see how much stuff I have to pack lol! Also I purchased my decorations from Luna bazaar, efavormart.com, ebay and my real touch flowers are from bloombridal.com.
  13. I purchased a sash on ebay for $40. It's beautiful!! I wish I had enough posts to see your picture kcole123.
  14. Thanks pamelas21! They were labour extensive but worth it in the end
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