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  1. Hi girls Well my sister has just over 7 weeks till we fly out so super excited !!! My question... To the brides that have had their day or to brides that may know.. How long did the ceremony take ? What bt the time between each part ie signing of the registry ? Looking at songs and need to work out how long we have for songs etc. Thanks
  2. If u could that would b fantastic !! My email is gennalouise@hotmail.co.uk :-) And couldn't agree more, with saying "organising a wedding here isn't for the faint hearted" sadly I am a control freak and perfectionist, I think hats why Stacey was happy to hand over the reins, she knows I wouldn't miss anything plus make sure everything is covered !!! It's just 10 times harder when ur doing ur own wedding at the same time !! Pay for my stay....haha u must be joking ;-) !!! But I stayed there abt 3 years ago so know how fabulous it is and how it is worth all that money to stay !! Roll on 2 weeks of heaven !!!
  3. Kbailey4 I want my sister to have the best day and I know that I can do that for her !! It's just abit stressful as also organising my own wedding in morocco next May !!! We keep getting conflicting advice on what paperwork is needed for the legal ceremony ? We have filled the film in with the bride/grooms names etc but do they need birth certificates ?
  4. Hi girls So I've spent the last day reading all the posts from the very beginning ! Big thanks u have been a lot of help :-) So I'm planning my sisters wedding (she herself has admitted she has no vision and I would do a better job !) we fly out in just over 20 weeks time ! Cannot agree more with the poor communication from the wedding dept esp with Andrea ! We initially had lleny who was good and within a day or 2 replied (we booked aug last year) but Andrea can take over 2 weeks which is just unacceptable !! Anyway , one question we initially had is... Stacey has opted for the gold package and we have several rooms booked with all guests staying 2 weeks (we r flying from the uk) I've read that several brides had the reduction of the basic wedding package taken off the package they have chosen , making the balance the figure they pay ? We haven't been told anything abt this and if they entitled to this well I want to get it for them ! Can anyone help ? Have U had this ? Have u been told this ? I have no doubt now I've found u , ull b ally more informative and helpful than they are !! FYI if u post a comment abt no one getting back to u by the end of the day u usually get ur reply !
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