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  1. That's horrible! He's wrong!!! How can you invite someone to a destination wedding but their guest is not allowed to attend. It stinks! I would decline the invite just out of principle! It may be helpful to get a solid answer from him that can only be interpreted one way. That way, you can decide whether or not you want to make the investment or spend the money stateside with your new boo thang!! Good Luck!!
  2. I can't wait to get settled and cozy up with your thread! Congrats on a wedding well done!
  3. At the end of the day is sounds like you need to invite her. At least extend the invitation, she probably will send regrets but at least you know when you're around her in the future, you won't be feeling sheepish because of a wedding invite. After reading your posts it really sounds like you do have a relationship with her; she's part of your race team, you run in the same circles and just think of how much fun the 5 of you will have discussing what happened at your wedding. I think you should invite her and cross it off your list and move forward with more pressing matters. My goal is not to offend, just to offer insight.
  4. @@calgarybride2015 be careful with the groupon deals, read the fine print and ask a ton of questions before purchase. I found American Laser Skincare at a bridal show last year. Best vendor I've met at a bridal show!
  5. @@cometgirl, I did pocket ones for the bridal party, and ticketed guest at the time of mailing. The remaining pockets went to worthy family and close friends. All family members I knew were not coming were mailed the cheaper ones. It worked out perfectly and honestly, I would have been just as happy with all cheap ones. I mean honestly, who really keeps invitations other than our moms!!! LOL!
  6. Don't let the haters get to you! It's easier for people to talk negative if they are not happy in their lives. This group will lift you higher than you ever imagined, especially when it comes to outsiders trying to spoil our joy. We are not having it, and won't let any of our BDW brides feel attacked. So, use this forum to allow us to carry you when others are beating you down!
  7. @kcole123 Waxing does hurt.....I gave up waxing last year for laser hair removal. Best investment I ever made. Started with my mustache and 5pm shadow (I'm a hairy babe!) then moved on to my WHOHAA! I love it! No bumps, no pain, just beauty!
  8. I know he wouldn't be mad if you gave it to him earlier....it's just too cute to hold on to and keep secret! Good luck!
  9. @@cometgirl, I actually did 50 pocket and 100 non pocket. Since there was a huge price difference and most of the invitees are not coming, I chose to send them the cheaper ones. It was funny cause some households got 2 different invites; pocket & non pocket! And I used two colors, red & black just for shits & giggles!! And crazier...is that I didn't even keep a pocket one for myself!!!
  10. Love your bag toppers! I hadn't thought of a "FBOW" bag!! Looks like you had a lot of fun making them! I know your guests will enjoy them!
  11. Welcome to the club! Sit back, get a drink, and get ready to delve into wedding planning like no other! This is the best place EVA! And even tho I'm not Canadian, nor am I having a beach wedding, I like it here...and I know you will too!
  12. I think it's fair to let your guest know on the invitation that this a wedding ceremony sans reception. Something like please join us as we commit to one another, afterwards, we'll have our first meal as husband and wife at _________. If you are able, please join us for a No-Host lunch, it'll make the day even more special. Then, I think if you did a hand written thank you note about how special it is that they are here...and skip the favor. Once you're in a better financial situation you can host a BBQ or brunch at your new home..call it a now that we have some money reception! Good luck!
  13. Wow! That's a hard one! First let me say how sorry I am that you are going this this experience. So not fair! Now, have you asked your honey about his thoughts? I would also look to the parents...(especially the MIL) for their advice. They may have the best solution. I would think of doing something with the name of the hurricane... Odial came through and said...oh dear, you'll have to change your date...I dunno...something corny and cute that will allow you to keep and use your purchases! Good luck ...
  14. I used airbrush makeup for the first time last year as a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding. It was wonderful! Being of a particular age, I have personal summers, and much to my comfort the airbrush makeup didn't run, nor did it come off when wiping my brow! For my wedding, I already have my airbrush and lashes appointment and my locks are being styled by someone different. Both will be coming to my hotel suite the morning of my wedding! It is well worth the money to go professional. Hope this helps!
  15. I seriously want to keep it moving if guests don't reply. My MOH said that she would take the responsibility of following-up with those who do not respond one week before the deadline. I could care less about tracking down people to ask them if they're coming or not...and since she knows how salty I can be, she decided that it's best if she does it. So with that, there will be limited follow-up activity thanks to my awesome MOH!!! Love her to life!!!
  16. Good advice. I'm totally good at cheating! I'm going to look at my meal plans and add more than fruits and veggies! I remember reading that if you starve your body it store the fat so survival. Between that and the exercise, and the no smoking, I probably sent my body into shock!! I'm feeling much better after this exchange. Thank you so much!!
  17. Hey Kim, I am not easily offended. I totally appreciate your queries. Currently I weigh 198.6# (per WW) I eat about 1000 - 1250 calories a day (always hungry) and burn about 600 with each workout 4x a week so 2400 per week. What do you think of these numbers? Too much? Too little? When I stopped smoking I weighed 182# in February. About WW, I go to the meetings but don't follow the food plan closely since I've been doing Herbalife. I did ask a physician I work with about the weight gain and she said, she cannot say medically why smoking cessation causes weight gain, or if there is a correlation, but studies have shown that people who embrace the weight gain are more successful at being an former smoker, versus people who give in and go back to smoking. The latter is not an option for me. I saw your photos on one of these threads and you are a cutie pie and your weight loss is awesome! I appreciate your input!
  18. I can not believe that I'm gaining weight! I quit smoking in February, right in the middle of my wedding planning! Since then, I have gained weight and had to purchase a 2nd wedding gown because I outgrew the 1st one! Talk about drama & tears!!! I was told not to stop smoking until after the wedding, but I didn't listen. I have maintained healthy eating habits, attend WW meetings, and now trying herbalife. I use MFP to track food and endomondo to track activity. I am ready to come to terms with being a FAT bride. It doesn't help that my guy loves a big a$$ so he's been smiling at my every complaint. I refuse to buy another gown so I need to figure out what the hell!! So far, the herbalife has been working, but I can't live on shakes for the long run, so it's not realistic, but for now, it's my current program. Have you been successful with maintaining wedding weight?
  19. Congrats Amanda! I got engaged on 9/9/13! So that makes us engagement twins! Welcome to the Board, you'll love it here!
  20. Make some for Mexico! They are super easy...and will have you smiling like a Cheshire cat! I think I attached the templates and if you want something different I can help with that as well!
  21. I would ask the friend what she's willing to work for. Explain to her what you want and if she can do it what is the best way to make it happen. That way, you have her input and both of you are on the same page. As for the minister, perhaps you can get him to do a prayer for you at home before you leave, or if you're having a "real" ceremony before your destination ceremony, maybe he can officiate that one. @kmk2014 was spot on with mixing business with pleasure. Sometimes, it just doesn't work! Good luck on your decision-making!
  22. Thanks Doll! You know, scrabble love that was my 1st choice because it's classic! My loser a$$ was too cheap to buy a scrabble game for the tiles. I can't wait to see yours! I'll post mine in a few days...still deciding which ones will make the cut!
  23. This is 2nd round of engagement photos. You can visit my gallery and see the story behind the first photos that necessitated a second shoot. For this shoot, we went to Las Vegas, the place where we got engaged and will be married, to get some great photos. I decided to make some props for sharts & giggles! Tickled at how they came out. I actually left them with the photographer because I didn't want to haul them back to Cali! Bunnting Banner.docx DIY-Photo-Shoot-Props-Printable.pdf ME too!.docx She said YES!.docx
  24. This is 2nd round of engagement photos. You can visit my gallery and see the story behind the first photos that necessitated a second shoot. For this shoot, we went to Las Vegas, the place where we got engaged and will be married, to get some great photos. I decided to make some props for sharts & giggles! Tickled at how they came out. I actually left them with the photographer because I didn't want to haul them back to Cali!
  25. I am beyond pleased at how well my invitations came out! They were definitely a labor of love. My graphic designer friend did the layout, but the concept of the invite is mine. The guests so far have been quite pleased with the quality of the invites and how much fun our wedding is going to be! I must admit, I can find several mistakes with my critical eye that were overlooked, but they still make me smile!
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