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  1. Has anyone had fireworks at their wedding at the Grand Fiesta Americana? If so, how many minutes did you do? Were you happy with the display?
  2. Has anyone received recent quotes for fireworks? When they say one minute, I'm wondering if it's a ton of fireworks in a minute... sort of like a firework show finale or if it's just one firework here and there. LOL! I've emailed a couple of companies and am waiting for quotes. I will let you know what I receive.
  3. @bridecdb Thanks so much for all of the info! This was soooo helpful!!
  4. @deannawozniak Hello! Have you decided on a venue for your wedding? I am also looking into Sandos, Casada Dorada, and Fiesta Americana. I would love any insight you may have. Thank you!
  5. @bridecdb Hello and congratulations! I am in the process of trying to narrow down the top two resorts to stay in for our site visits in March. I have been speaking to a wedding coordinator and she suggested Fiesta. I would love your insight and any pictures that you may have taken. What other resorts did you check out? I will pm you my email address. I really appreciate any info you could share. Thank you!!
  6. Hello @@AshBerry Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am in the process of trying to narrow down venues to site visit on our trip to Cabo in March. Did you go with the Hacienda? If so, what are your thoughts regarding pricing and planning so far? If not, what venue did you choose? We have a budget of $25K and I'm really looking for all of the suggestions I can get. Thanks so much!
  7. Your wedding sounds like an absolute dream! Thank you so much for all of the details. I am just beginning the process of planning our wedding and this helps so much!!!!!
  8. Thank you so much for your detailed review!!! My fiance and I are planning to head out there in January to choose a venue. I have a lot of work to do from now until that time to narrow down the venues and decide which we want to see and ultimately go with. I love the idea of having 3 options for our guests to stay in, so I will definitely be looking into this place. I also think the bonfire idea sounds wonderful and I'm sure it was very memorable for your guests. My fiance and I were actually planning to have a welcome party on a boat. I'm happy to hear that it was well received by y
  9. @@LoriandChris Congratulations! Everything sounds amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. I have emailed Illeana and I'm looking forward to hearing from her.
  10. @Ella2015 My fiance and I are actually planning on going to Cabo in February to start site seeing for our wedding. I would really love any information you can share regarding your question above. Also, did you set up appointments on your own by simply contacting venues and making appointments with their staff? Thanks so much!
  11. @@caboready2014 Did you find out any information on this? I wanted to surprise my fiance with a firework show at the wedding as his wedding present. I was looking at the Riu package and it was about $1800 for I believe 2 minutes. That's just crazy!
  12. @CanadianBride2B Amazing post! Thanks so much for all of the information. I'm definitely going to look into a lot of your vendors and your venue. My fiance and I have stayed at the Riu Santa Fe before and we were thinking of doing an off site venue, however having our guests stay at the Riu since we really enjoyed ourselves at our last stay. However, they do have a ton of rules and do not seem as accomodating, considering you had so many guests stay at their resort. I will look into other options as well. Thanks, again! Everything looked beautiful, as did you!
  13. @AmorDeMiVida Hello! I've actually been doing terrible with my research. My fiance and I are planning to make a trip out to Cabo in February. I really want to do some site visits and see how it looks since the devastating hurricane that they had. I may push back our date a bit. Have you decided on a venue?
  14. @@hpreece thanks so much for getting back to me!! I will look into Sergio!
  15. Has anyone had their wedding here? Can you provide any information? How was it? Costs? Setups, etc? Anything you can share would be helpful. THank you!
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