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  1. cassie06

    Hair & Makeup In Cabo

    Go with Alma Vallejo! I LOVED my hair and makeup and so did all my bridesmaids. The couple that just did their own makeup still used her for eyelashes! It was $150 for bride hair and makeup and $125 for bridesmaids/moms or $75 for just hair OR makeup if they only wanted one! There isnt a whole lot to read about her, but I dont know why! She was GREAT!
  2. cassie06

    Our Wedding June 2015

    I used Gilda too! I absolutely LOVED her. However this wait for my pictures is getting a little frustrating. I just want to see them! She originally told me 6 weeks, and if she keeps to what she just wrote to me, itll be almost 13-14 weeks after my wedding that I will get them!
  3. How did anyone incorporate this? I have wanted to do it, and said I was, but now that i am writing my vows... How do I throw "lets all take a shot" in there from the minister?!
  4. cassie06

    Chiffon Chair Covers

    Her wedding was at Casa Dorada!!!! AHH! I am so excited!! I get married in that exact place in 39 DAYS!!! :) :)
  5. @@tyandnique Are you really selling 12 of these for $8? If so - Are they still available?
  6. cassie06

    Teal/starfish/raffia Fans Etc.

    @@TauruSmith Are you selling the sombrero veil hat? I saw that in your pictures. If you are, how much?
  7. @@kisha311 do you still have the wrist coils and those zip pouches? I would like to buy them!
  8. cassie06

    Key Card Holder sayings

    @@SteeleTheSpotlight Do you have a file of your key card holder? I thought I was crafty - and I am definitely NOT! I cant figure out how to do what I want! lol.
  9. @@SteeleTheSpotlight Have you got the skinny monogrammed glasses yet? I have used https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheDabbleQueen She is great! Really cute stuff! LOVE READING YOUR THREAD! I need to really do one for me too. I feel like it would make things more organized. I only have about 75 days now too! EEEK!
  10. @@AshBerry What is your personal email? You can PM me if you want!! I can also talk to you on the phone - it is so much easier! I would love to help you out! I have been having an awesome experience so far!
  11. Hey Ladies!! There is also these!!! They are SUPER COOL and pretty cheap in price! http://www.specialistid.com/Multi_Card_Clear_Rigid_Water_Resistant_Holder_p/1840-9000_wph-1.htm
  12. cassie06

    Navy Items For Sale. All Brand New

    @@TheBHolders Please send me a picture when you can! I am interested in them! Thank you!
  13. cassie06

    Groom's Attire

    My FI is going to be in khaki shorts and long sleeved light turquoise shirt - Our groomsmen will be in khaki shorts and long sleeved white shirt They are rolling their sleeves up to below elbow Brown sandals
  14. cassie06

    Navy Items For Sale. All Brand New

    @@TheBHolders Do you still have the Table Runners? If so can you post a picture or send it to me through email? cassie.trudeau@@gmail.com Thank you!