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  1. @SamanthaC When I read "well at least you fiance didn't RSVP he isn't coming" OMG I almost peed my pants!!!! Seriously that's a great way to look at it.
  2. Hi kmk2016, I received my itinerary from my travel agent I think we received it a few days before. I suggest making sure you get this before you leave so you know what to expect. We had a couple staying at the same resort as us and had no itinerary. They were told that the on-site wedding coordinator will provide it to her once she arrives but the WC was super busy with a current wedding that she was unable to do so. In terms of changing itinerary, I'm not really sure. Maybe you could talk to the on-site wedding coordinator. PS I'm super glad we did the BDR, it was very informative. Take lots of notes and have fun!!!
  3. Hi @@rebepax and @@linaco80 I was at the BDR last week too!! I'm thinking of having it at Azul Sensatori next year around May. How about you guys?
  4. yes @@kmk2016 it is next week. I'm super excited!! hey @@girlinthecity97 when you went how did you get to the hotel from the airport? I'm just trying to get ideas since cabbing it would probably be too expensive
  5. This is very helpful thanks you!! I'm going to the Bride Rehearsal next week and Azul Sensatori is one of the places I'm looking at. Thanks again!
  6. So we decided on Mexico, and since I wanted the Caribbean beach look, we are having it at Cancun/Riviera Maya area. The problem is, there are hundreds of resorts down there. We are going to the Karisma Bride Dress Rehearsal next month to look at places and hopefully that will help me make my decision. It's in a couple of weeks so I'm excited.
  7. Just like everyone said "Do you!". =) This is you and your fiancé's day not anyone else''s.
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