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  1. I had a make-up trial done at the resort the day before the wedding and I am so glad I did! It turned out horrible! I even think the lady who did my make up knew she did a bad job because she was laughing along with me. They definitely like lots of eyeliner!
  2. Can any past brides send me photos if they got their make up done at the resort? I have an appointment booked but have read lots of mixed reviews and cant seem to find many photos on google!
  3. I just got my final contract from Pilar. We have hired an outside photographer. I was told we had to pay $150 vendor fee for the photographer and $150 vendor fee for the photographer assistant. The resort is also trying to charge me for a $65 day pass for the photographer and assistant, is this correct as it sounds like they are double dipping to me?
  4. Do you have any photos of your cake? I am trying to find a topper. Pilar told me the cake widths are 3.5 inches but most toppers are 5 inches....
  5. We are having our reception in the bamboo room also. How did you arrange the tables? We also hired a DJ so want to have a good flow around the room for dancing. Thanks!
  6. Did you bring your own make-up for them to use? or did they have lots of selection of colors? and did you pay for a trial before the wedding day?
  7. Awesome review! Can you please provide info/website on the party boat?
  8. I have never heard of weddingwire.com, thanks for sharing!!!!
  9. Anyone who had or is having their reception in the bamboo room... We have 30 guests attending. Initially we planned to just go to the sports bar after the 3 hour reception to dance but decided to extend reception by 1 hour & hire DJ Disco Movil. Has any one else with this number of guests hired a DJ? I want to make sure everyone gets up and dances as I felt 3 hours was cutting in short to do speeches, etc after reading all the posts on here! I am trying to figure out whether or not I want uplights and how i will arrange tables, etc. Can past/future brides share pictures or
  10. Awesome, I will look into that. Do you know if they will still have someone available to change the songs during the ceremony?
  11. Haha it seems that way! the brides in the past sure lucked out ! Has anyone brought their own ipod speakers to use at the pergola for the ceremony or bamboo room for reception? Not sure if the sound would carry well or not...
  12. I have the devine package and Pilar told me I had to pay for the sound system for the ceremony! I also dont see that noted in the planning form she sent to me, Are you able to send me a copy of the planning form that was sent to you?
  13. Pilar told me the sound system is $150 per hour + 16% tax. It is not included in Devine package for ceremony. Still have to pay the $150 even if using for only walking down the isle. You are able to use the guitarist or saxophonist at cocktail hour or reception if you plan to have sound system at ceremony! The white fabric is included in te Devine package for the pergola. I have a picture pilar sent me, not sure how to attach it on here. I've read before the flowers for the poles are an extra $150 not sure if that is each or per bundle. White linen and chair covers are included in Devine p
  14. We are having our reception in the bamboo room. We have approx. 30 guests. What is the best table set up option? We would like a small area for dancing but I dont know how big the room is! Also am planning on bringing my own decorations down for center pieces. Would love some ideas from other who have done this or plans to do this? Also can someone please comment on the resort photographer!! Thanks!
  15. What are your opinions on the resort photographer? I don't want to pay for the outside vendor fee to hire a photographer if the resort photographer does a good job!
  16. Our wedding is May 01, 2015 at the Now Jade! Can't wait!!!! I am wondering what people thought of the photography offered by the resort company, Adventure Photo's? Is it worth it to pay for an additional photography package as I know that 24 photo's are included in our wedding package and have heard that the photographer included in the wedding package will sell you the complete disc of photo's for a couple hundred dollars. Any comments would be sooo appreciated!!!!
  17. This is a review of:

    Disco Movil DJs

    Now Jade Wedding - amazing!!!!!

    Pros: Great music! Had every one up dancing!
    Cons: Cold fireworks were a bit delayed for our entrance (not a major deal)
    We had our wedding in the bamboo room at the Now Jade on May 01. We had 35 guests. I dealt with Jimmy via email and was very impressed with his response time. I would send an email and sometimes get a response within minutes! 1 week before the wedding we sent a simple outline of our reception timeline and a few songs we wanted to hear. I sent a few pictures of the color of uplighting I was looking for. We also purchased the cold fireworks. Having 35 guests, we were nervous not everyone would get
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