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  1. Hello! I have a question about the beach reception on Yalku beach at the Sirenis - has anyone seen it, done it, got pictures etc? There isn't much information about it! Thank you xx
  2. Yes please any pointers would be appreciated Calgarybride2015. I have a question with regards to upgrading packages from Gold to Presidential - it says that the Pres one includes a reception on the beach.. is this actually on the beach or is it the Palapa? If the beach how is it set up & where? I really fancy this but have no idea what it entails & don't want to pester the WCs 6 months out Thanks
  3. haha win win then!! I cant wait to hear how Daivina2015 has got on, she gets married Saturday!
  4. Ah that's good then! My first choice was the Grand Bahia Principe but when we went to book it on the morning that the holidays/weddings got released for 2015, it had sold out within the hour! I went into panic mode and chose the GS without really looking at it previously - well we had looked at it but it was much more expensive than the Bahia so Id dismissed it. As it turns out the GBP had hugely put their prices up so way more than the GS so fate worked its way for us. And now I cant wait!!! Im hoping that this next 6 months flies by!
  5. That's great thank you, I will email her later today. Oh my goodness, I nearly spat my coffee out then!! That is an awful lot of money (so now I will count my lucky stars I chose the Sirenis too, as my first choice was elsewhere!)
  6. Oh really, I haven't read any other threads. Oo I know I had something to ask you, how did you contact Perla at Adventure Photos? Do you have an email for them? I tried to find them online but couldn't see anyone based at the Sirenis & think I am looking at the wrong site :/ Thanks again xx
  7. Im so glad you did pay it forward its been really helpful. I do think the rates are good, I wasn't complaining about them, we are just on a very tight budget (unfortunately) so I am trying to keep control on the budget as much as possible xx
  8. Ahh Calgarybride2015 your review had me laughing, crying and smiling! It sounds amazing! I was reading it aloud to my fiancé (as he was dealing with our toddler) & I had to stop a few times as I was welling up (especially the bit about the ceremony) I have been so stressed about everything and your advice is invaluable. I think I have decided to have Perla do our pictures, I love yours. Im just going to email the weddings team at GS & ask for a price list for extras, Im getting a little anxious about all of the extra things I need to pay for x Thank you for this. I think I will be ok about my hair not having a trial, Im more fussy about my make up if Im honest, but Im going to book for a trial with MAC makeup in the next few months so I will take a back up in case I really don't like it.. Please can I ask, would your guests have known it was a symbolic and not legal ceremony if you hadn't told them? Id prefer my legal ceremony to be in the UK and have a 'blessing' there but I don't want my guests to think they have been conned out of a 'wedding' xx I am SO excited after reading your review! x
  9. Thank you so much for this Daivina2015 I will get onto them. A week today will be your wedding!! <3 xx Calgarybride2015 - I'm not sure if they differ, we pay a lot for the gold package (£2515 which is approx. 4800 CAD) In our package we get: Minister fee legal ceremony Wedding specialist Rehearsal dinner Brides bouquet, grooms boutonniere Spa wedding package for bride - hair & make up (not sure if this includes a trial, does anyone know?) Romantic decorated wedding location Music during ceremony Sparkling wine toast and appetisers Reception at a-la-carte private for 4hrs Honeymoon breakfast served in the room Romantic dinner in French restaurant for newlyweds Personalised check in for bride & groom VIP status (what is this?) Fruit basket & bottle of wine on wedding night Surprise gift (?) Im going to read your review now xx
  10. Hi Daivina2015, I am in the UK too & am also wanting to change my package with Thomsons from Golden marriage package to a symbolic one too - I cant face the fees they charge for all of the translations/blood tests etc so thought I could do a registry service in the UK then a 'blessing' in Mexico but bummer that you had problems with Thomsons.. Ive emailed them to ask about it and haven't had a reply. I know from past dealings with them to call them it is expensive! I paid £30 in call charges just to get them to change my wedding time from 3pm to 4.30pm!! Can you advise who I should speak to? Also with you saying you have had to pay individually for each person - isn't that included in your golden package (or did you totally cancel this and have alternative/pay for everything individually) It would be really helpful if you could help me with this. Thanks PS NOT LONG NOW!!!!!!!!!! You must be so excited! Emma xx
  11. Oh my goodness I didn't even think about spillage! I literally cant wear white for more than 10 minutes before I have spilt something down myself!!! DO they do bridal bibs??!!!! haha
  12. Hi I am getting married this August in Mexico and am getting a little confused about what we need translating and by who? Is it just both birth certificates to be translated then legalised? Has anyone idea of prices? I have received a quote for £375 for both. Many thanks! Emma
  13. Awesome idea! Such a coincidence that ive found this thread as i had decided to do this too and have just ordered custom shot glasses for my guests with their name on & a mexican theme painted onto them. Doubling up as placemarkers, a keepsake and a glass
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