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  1. I feel like i need to vent here...so i am 2 months away from my wedding and i am told that except photographer and videographer, there's no other outside vendor allowed in the resort. what a BS. They are charging us all an arm and a leg and we are very limited with options. I want my friend to dj for us that night but when he saw the equipment that Lomas rents out, he said these are way outdated, even the pioneer sound system that's rented for $2K. it's ridiculous, isn't it? anyways, after talking to Karisma, they are saying it is what it is and you can't bring other equipment to the resort. Has any of you ladies had a different experience?
  2. hi ladies, any of you experiencing delays in response from Karisma's Miami office? My WC's name is Brigitte and for the last 6 months she's been super quick in responding. Now i have sent her couple emails for the last month and have not received any emails back...i tried to reach her on the phone but am never successful. Any of you are experiencing this?
  3. @ congrats on your upcoming wedding...I hope you and your guests all have a blast...enjoy your week and remember, not to stress out...it's all about you Hi everyone, is any of you using an outside florist? I honestly don't like Lomas' florist work and i think their selection is very limited and expensive. Can you suggest any outside florist to me? Thanks
  4. I've got a sketch of the garden area along with dimensions and where exactly the trees are. It's a JPEG file and i don't think i'm qualified yet to post pics to this forum. Let me know if you want it and i can email it to you.
  5. hi ladies, here's the link to the resort map. it's helping me a lot figuring out where things are. http://www.resortsmaps.com/popup.html?maps/map-AzulFives-RivMaya.jpg
  6. not sure if you've all see this. It's the resort map. Helps me a lot with my planning. http://www.resortsmaps.com/popup.html?maps/map-AzulFives-RivMaya.jpg
  7. hi ladies, does any of you have photos of a reception held at the garden? I'm thinking of having a garden reception and was looking into getting some string lights but my WC is telling me there's not that many trees in the area. The reason I'm choosing garden reception is the greens and I think it would turn out nice in our photos but now that she says not many trees, i'm confused. I'd love to see some real reception photos at Azul Fives' garden. You can email them to me at mona1362@@gmail.com Thanks @@TinkerSofi I also got the $14/pp per hr rate for extending reception hrs. :S that means $1400 for 50 guests to extend to 1 o'clock. I suppose I can rent an entire club in Playa del Carmen for unlimited hrs. esp, that our wedding's on a Monday night.
  8. Hi ladies, Any of you has dimensions and number of string lights to be hung at the garden? How many do i need? and at what length?
  9. Hi ladies, Any of you has dimensions and number of string lights to be hung at the garden? How many do i need? and at what length?
  10. hi ladies, are you flying the same day most of your guests are flying or are you planning to fly in few days earlier. I have booked our flights with the majority of guests but was wondering if we should go couple days earlier.
  11. We're having the ceremony at 5, cocktails at 6, and reception at 7. Ceremony's at the sky deck, cocktails at the sky terrace and a garden reception. Finally bought my gown yesterday....CAN'T WAIT
  12. Jeez, flowers are so expensive. Why is Lomas charging so much for flowers? I was gonna pick the pure glamour design for reception. Now i found out it costs $250/table + $150/vase on each table. There are 3 vases, each with about a dozen roses in it. How on earth does dozen roses cost $150. :S Any of you ladies have any other suggestions for flowers and bridal bouquet? any of you going with outside vendors?
  13. Hi ladies, in search of a DJ. Can you tell me who have you hired and if you know anyone in the area that's good? Thanks,
  14. Hi ladies, I'm thinking of giving out customized mini patron bottles as favor. Has any of you done this before? I've been told there's a walmart and a liquor store in Playa Del Carmen. Anyone knows if we can get some there? I can bring stickers and customize it ourselves. Azul fives offers other brands but somehow I wanna do Patron and they don't have that...any ideas on how i can accomplish this task?
  15. @@Vickiw89 thank you thank you thank you...what a great source...i can see everything...looks like most pp got away with no picking one of the super expensive memorable packages. these videos made me think, chairs with no covers even look better than those that do...also, consider the wind when picking a veil...
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