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    Where To Buy Cheap Decorations?

    I am making all my centerpieces as well as making all my bouquets. Afloral.com is a reasonable flower site with good quality. I'll attach a picture. I'm bringing my own seating cards, table cloths (cake table & seating cards). I was worried about the chairs etc but my gf just got married and said that the resorts are so beautiful it's not needed. I'm also doing two vases at end of aisle with real touch cala Lillie's. I bought a micheals craft store with a coupon for $2 each! Cool idea on Pinterest also attached. Inexpensive
  2. Dawng1007

    Now Saphire Wedding 2015!

    I'm getting married at secrets and doing almost everything myself and shipping it. That resort is amazing I stayed last year. Food was delicious!
  3. Dawng1007

    Secrets Silversands Help

    Anyone have experience bringing their own centerpieces, bouquets etc?