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  1. Ladies,

    I am selling this dress and it was never used. I spent over 1,000 US dollars because of the beading. All materials and fabrics are top quality.

    I put it on my form but I can show you pics of the dress on me just so you have an idea of how it will look. I need it out of my closet and willing to hear offers. I think $350 is a good price and I am located in New Jersey 

    Here are some measurements of me so  you can have an idea if this dress works for you. (the dress has a hidden zipper in the left side)

    Label: 6

    Street: 6

    Bust: 34.5

    Waist: 27

    Hips: 38


    I am also selling this dress. same measurements as  the post above, dress has been professionally cleaned $300. Ask any questions if you have


















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  2. 1. Envision what you would like for your wedding in a high level, don't get into details yet, because this is what makes it overwhelming.

    2. Get a timeline of your "must do" like resort and packages for your guests.

    3. Decor, food and cake and plenty of details can be worked later as you have a clear idea of who is going and who is not.

    4. If you have not sent save the dates, I would suggest to go ahead

    I used to panic because I wanted to know how all was going to happened and also with so many details that I could not take care at once.

    We are here to help, these boards are terrific!

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  3. @@vancouverpetunia

    Catamaran costs $1,200 plus food and drinks which is separate.

    Maroma marina, transportation is separate per person but my package covered it... I recommend

    @@LRosario hola sorry for the delayed response

    1. No ultimate package, I got the one that costs $3K US and paid $14 per chair after 24. I saved with my bridal party who didn't seat otherwise I would have been more chairs. We were 46 all together (including the couple) where did you get the additional price? It seems high


    2. Our family flew on the same day and we were 9 people on the that flight. We brought 8 suitcases, it was crazy! Had to give 4 to family members and gave them $35 to pay for their second luggage. My husband and paid $25 for each luggage but only for our first was free. Because the suite cases were old we left 5 in Mexico and returned with 3 only. It was worth the effort.


    3. Got Maracas at Amols here in the U.S.


    4. Señor and Señora at thebackporchshoppe on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/thebackporchshoppe


    Thank you!!! It was magical

    I wanted different things and even thou they were more money... I don't regret.

    This guy name Callahan from Coloradp on Etsy made it for me. It was about $200 or a tiny more.


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  4. @@LaurenR yes children are allowed, I am looking at the map (B3) where the Zavas swim up is located, the pool to the right is the low noise level or quite pool, if you look up where it ends it by Zavas (the plaza where the gazebo is) they don't put chairs when there is a wedding I guess to avoid the inconvenience of asking guests to leave. I am looking at the map same B3 and the pool to the left is the premium section and ONLY premium guests will be allowed there unless guests pay $85 to be there. If you are in the honeymoon suite you have access to the premium section, the issue is that many of your guests won't be allowed there if they didn't reserved that.

  5. @@calgarybride2015 you are so sweet!! Thank YOU so much for all the support and communication while I was planning :)

    No that is not the dress, LOL I had nightmare with ALL my dresses, I never used that dress I sent you in emails.

    I ended getting another dress because I was not happy, remember?


    @@linaco80 - Congratulations on your marriage! Your wedding looks beautiful and I love all the details. Good work!  :D I'm looking forward to hearing more about your catamaran trip as we are wanting to plan one for our wedding next April. 

    Thank you very much!!! The catamaran was amazing! we were hesitating because we thought that we were going to tied people's schedules the day after the wedding. It was the best we did, we went with a package that has some complimentary stuff for our group. We booked for 40 and 30 decided to go. We had alcohol and snacks (no food) paid on board. We used Maroma Adventure from Lomas which is how the package was structured. It was 3 hours and a half on the ocean, they play music or  you can hook your own Ipod. We departed and after 15 minutes the snorkel started for 45 minutes, then cruised on the water for another 30 minutes and another snorkel for 45 minutes (snorkel is always optional), towards the end they had a parasail connected to the catamaran and all of us hop on it and did the fly...it was amazing!! What information would you like to know? so I will update you more and have pics :)


    Thank you so much for posting this!!!! You look gorgeous and everything looks amazing!!!


    I just have one question, for your reception did they have those string lights wrapped around the gazebo or did you bring those? I have seen lots of pics with wrapped like that and I love it! Just didnt know if i needed to bring them myself or not :)

    I brought my own lights, they will charge  you $50 per strand per pole. You really can get them here in the US or Canada for $8-$15, it will depend on the type of light and cord. I got them with brown wire because the poles are brown. 

    Also I brought bulbs (strands) that hung from each pole to the trees.

    @@Janjin Thank you :)

    @linaco80  I'm going to second what @@calgarybride2015 said. Your review is unbelievable and your wedding just stunning! Your were an absolutely gorgeous bride! All the work you did preparing everything - it turned out absolutely amazing! Your flowers are beautiful! Your dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I'm like Kim - speechless!


    I have a couple of questions:


    Where did you get the shell cake topper? It's adorable!!

    Where did you get the turquoise and coral lanterns to string up?

    Would you share how you made the napkin rings? They're so pretty!!


    Thank you for an amazing review! I know new brides that come here for planning ideas will appreciate everything you've done!

    Thank you very much!!

    I got the cake topper locally in a store here and decorated it (cut and glued) some sticker I had. Where do you live? I never used it and it is in the box.

    I got the aqua blue lanterns from http://www.paperlanternstore.com/and the coral from Oriental Trading.

    Also I brought my own fishing line so they would hang them.

    The rings were tons of work, wired burlap ribbon. it has to be the correct ribbon. I measured, cut, glued and the shells are real too. I still have them with me.

    I hope brides find this helpful, I wish I had labeled the post differently so they get ideas for their wedding and not only at AS.

    WOW! amazing. Looks like you put in tons of great work and it all paid off. I am also having the most difficulty planning the decor and welcome/bridal party giftbags.  I'm wondering...


    Where did you order your robes from?


    Where did you order your tumblers from?


    and I think someone else already asked but were the lights already in the gazebo for your reception or did you bring those?


    Thanks! and great job!

    Thank you very much!!

    Robes from ebay to $12 a piece LOL because I got a LOT of 12 otherwise you will pay $20 - 25 each

    Tumblers from the local dollartree store, so they are $1 US each and no more, I ended ordering some online because I needed the clear and blue, but the cases of 24 come in all colors if you order online.

    I brought those lights, Lomas the authorize vendor will charge $50 per strand per pole. Get the brown cord too because the poles are brown :)

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  6. Hello beautiful brides,


    I know that brainstorming for the OOT bag can be frustrating and also challenging, so many ideas and counting how many days are left to the wedding day can be a nerve wreck!! :o

    • If you order too soon: you  might change your mind, specially if you find something nicer and better later where you might be regretting because you spent money already and changed your mind (this is the most common situation while planning)
    • If you order too late and wait for ideas: you might miss good sales, deliveries, colors, items available etc..

    OOT Bags and Favors: I feel that this will depend on what you want to spend and how crazy you want to go (with the details). There is not right or wrong to spend too much or too little, because each bride doing either or will have her own justification..which is understandable!


    What was important to me for the OOT bags-favors:

    • The colors, logos and the designs matching my entire wedding theme were my big dream!,
    • I was doing tons of research. I starting placing several orders online and spent good money in the begging. When my orders started arriving I realized that I did not have a wedding theme or any logo with colors that matched anywhere . I was very concern and the orders were disappointing because I had spent good money already. I wanted to have my own logo,same designs, colors and my wedding theme displayed EVERYWHERE, , basically ALL matching.
    • My colors were coral and aqua. All on my wedding day came beautifully and exactly how I dreamed it and my OOT bags were just what I planned on every single design.
    • I am good at designing and I love to create ideas for decor and all that fun stuff :wub: , since I have a brother who is very skilled, I asked him to sit down with me and start creating a "Lina & TK" wedding theme...it would be our design displayed EVERYWHERE. brainstorm on what I envisioned. We used our suite design program (reason why I do not have templates :( ) PLEASE!! ask any questions you may want...I would LOVE to create an entire wedding theme for a bride :)
    • I do finance LOL and discovered how much I love this  :wub: this is just pretty far from what I do for a living! ;) more than happy to help! it is exciting!
    •  Yes!! we got tons of ideas from this website which I am very thankful for. all pics below are DIY and MORE ...
    • The real hard work started to make my dream come true...welcome bags and some pics of decor too












    Now all designs come true:




















    Bubbles for the ceremony

    fans with programs (all customized with logos)

    Spanish and English (Had to do it in both languages)


    all would match my decor

    I made these rings

    inside the survival kit






    • PS. Please open each picture attachment-thumbnail if you decide to view it BIGGER!! they appear small because I have attached so many lol


    • ALSO if you want to review my entire planning thread PLEASE check it out :) it might help you with some ideas!!!  :)  ;)




    Lina  :P

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  7. Girls, I owed a review!!!


    I did not do it here because I was going to be all over the place with all the pics I posted. I have planning pics and also wedding day pics!!!


    Please check this out and PLENTY of pics, please ask as you need more info, I WISH YOU HAPPY PLANNING!!!


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  8. Reception: Location Plaza Zavas 


    I brought pictures and drawings of all my inspiration decor with exact indications of how I wanted things, Janet (from Lomas) and Berenice (Azul) worked with me. They are amazing! Mauricio and Laura are the assistants and they ALL do an amazing job! PLEASE trust them and relax while you are there, they will make  your wedding day a magical one!


    Welcome table: I requested to get all flowers from the ceremony into the reception and used each bridesmaid bouquet as my center piece. Also has 6 small flowers (hanging on the hooks by the isle) and requested to bring those from the ceremony. I brought some small glass vases with me and requested to get them switched into clear glass for the reception (the ceremony were silver)









    I needed to make all match. I made this rings and purchased the napkins which I took with me.



    Ceremony/Reception (I used it double)



    Guest Book: I know I mentioned I am Colombian so I decided to order a map of Colombia with my name on it, a map of NJ and a map of Mexico. Each guest would sign on the blue heart simulating water, since we got married in the ocean.



    Table decor

    This that I envisioned, I made the ring napkins and also the runners for each table, I did several samples at home with many items (this alone was expensive) I made the tags for the maracas, created the menus, the seating cards with table numbers and made stickers for each of the cameras at each table.




    What they did and I created menus and seating cards, maracas for each guest.












    seating tables and cards:




    for our sweetheart table






    Decorated with luminary bags and led candles around the pool: This is such a great and economical idea!!!

    I got paper bags and purchased leds for the paper bags, they put some weigh with sand inside each bag and it looked so pretty!!!





    I got 31 lanterns and brought the fishing line. The resort offers you to do it for you at a "set up fee" or your friends can do it for you. I paid in cash for their set up. (this cannot be charged to the room)






    Cake table:





    original cake topper I decorated and did not use




    Reception dress:




    All I have to say is that let them do the work, try your best to relax. They know what they are doing and they do an outstanding job. Every single person working at this resort is a happy person willing to make you happy!!! The best experience ever was my wedding day, it has been a month and I feel it was yesterday, I wake up thinking how magical this day was and how much I love every single detail at Azul Sensatori!!!


    It has been a month (tomorrow) and I cannot be any happy with out wedding, all of the hiccups were ok to experience, because the actual wedding week was simply amazing!!!


    Today a Happy wife and to make a happy life :) Please do not hesitate to ask me for any questions or help!!! from my heart I will :)





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  9. Hello dear brides :)


    First of all I want to thank many brides who helped me and supported me on my planning: Murmel, Girlinthecity,Calgarybride (Kim), repax !!! I gotta say to all of you "thanks so much"


    My name is Lina, our wedding was on April 10th, 2015 and I will do my very best to summarized our wedding planning and wedding day. It is really hard to shrink an entire year of ideas, planning and things in one post, but we will do my best :)


    A bit about me and my husband: I am originally born in Colombia and he is American-Irish. We met in 2011 after each of us ended a long relationship, he was previously engaged and I was in a relationship that was long enough and going endless. We met at work in our corporate jobs and the best man in my life was there,...my best friend. My hubby and myself lived together since 2013


    Engagement: It was a regular day for me March 1, 2014. We did not celebrate Valentine's day because we had bad snow. Tim left me a note to scratch all plans and invited me to a winery for dinner to celebrate our postpone valentines...I smelled something was going on but I did not want to think or expect anything. I had plans to run errands that Saturday and all was changed. When we got to the winery, he had all set in a booked suite with roses arrangements and champagne :)  Tim invited me to walk on the golf course and after a while told me he needed to tell me something! on his knees he proposed his love to me!! it was so emotional and I was so happy and the begging to the best day of my life!




    Visited in May these resorts: Dreams Tulum, Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Playacar, Moon Palace, Azul Beach, Azul Sensatori, Generations Riviera Maya, Grand Porto Real (Playa del Carmen)

    Most wanted: Dreams Tulum, Playacar and Sensatori. Which we selected: Azul Sensatori for the great reviews of Karisma chain and the location to go to Cancun and Playa. My first choice was Dreams Tulum but it was about 2 hours from the airport.

    I wish I knew before we booked: More options to do a off resort wedding and still gather a group in a resort (I did not know my options)


    Company used: Destination weddings...I recommend!

    Miami planning feedback: No comment.


    Now the planning started:


    Wedding colors: Coral and aqua blue (aka Tiffany blue)



    Save the date: We did the regular magnet







    invitations: we did passports in English and Spanish and two designs. If  you want to see the inside please ask me and will show you :) it was lots of work because the template did not include anything for Sensatori and I had to search, proof read and translate for the Spanish passports.




    Tip: manage your budget and invitations is a way to cut costs. Do not go too fancy!



    This was such a crazy time for me!! It brought me tears and loss of sleep at night. I live in NJ and visited many stores here and in NY. I was like too demanding or basically I did not like anything. I ended spending more than I wanted because I ended with 3 dresses, but I was a happy bride on my wedding day. I had one dress that I never worn, another that I used for our catholic ceremony and another one for Mexico.

    PLUS 2 more dresses for the reception. I ended using only one ...yes crazy!! Note: I am selling my dresses (reception, wedding and bridal). you will see pics as I keep showing my planning.





    Tip: DO not let the bridal store convince you on the dress you are not 100%, they need to sell and you need to be in love with your dress. If  you buy too early you will have second thoughts!!! I guarantee you thins one! A bridal store will tell you 8-6 months before the wedding...it is NOT true, I had stores contacting me 3 months and 2 months prior to the wedding.




    Bridal Shower dress: His family had a shower for me because my sister lives in Mexico.







    Ceremony: We had two ceremonies. One was the catholic here in NJ for our family only and the second in Mexico with families and friends.





    Bridesmaids dress: I had 6 (2 were his sisters) each paid for their dress and I chose one affordable at David's 



    Tip: Try to avoid drama by not choosing his family members in your wedding party (if you do not feel like you want...just dont do it)


    Gifts for the bridesmaids: a Kimono robe (all blue and I was white), flip flops made by myself with the initial of their name on the button, a tank top with rhinestones made by myself "bridal entourage", a pair of barefoot sandals did not make myself, a set of jewelry to use on the wedding day and a necklace with each of their initials that said "I could not say I do without you"









    Flower Girl: some toys and the following to our niece.



    Mother of the groom and bride: basically the same as the bridesmaids and the handkerchief (the pic below is not mine just the message is what I chose), to my mom it was in Spanish because she does not speak English



    Father of the groom (my dad is deceased ): bottle of scotch (super expensive)


    Groomsmen: each had a customize gift from beau-coup.com and some alcohol (we shipped to them before we departed)


    Best Man: custom made sterling silver cuff-links with the shape of boxing gloves, because he loves boxing.


    Maid of Honor: the dress (I paid for it) and the same as each bridesmaid.


    more planning...


    Photographer: Sarani weddings (not Sarani Studio) yes she is more expensive. We have not received our pics yet, but will do soon! and will update with my professional photos. booked Sarani in May 2014 and did not look much because we loved her work when we visited her. Sarani is such a sweetheart and very professional, I am so happy we booked her and even though we dont have photos yet, I know we will be happy!!

    We also had video with Sarani. We paid the vendor fee and that included one vendor per day, not per person. Sarani came with 3 more people (shooter and assistant) all were 4. 


    DJ: I booked in June 2014 DJ Doremixx with Ivan the main DJ and owner, I had paid deposits and basically planned all with Hugo and Ivan. Ivan was going to be my DJ, but in January 2015 I was advised by Karisma that I was not allowed to bring him or any other vendor because "policy" had changed. That was not true because I kept seeing Doremixx playing in 2015 at Karisma resorts, I never knew that the deal was but I was unable to bring Doremixx, I put tons of work and emails on that, even spoke with a Karisma director in Miami, I was not getting a "no" as an answer and basically lasted for a month. Ivan Gomez and Hugo Gomez (his brother) were communicating with me all the time and they were supportive. I had tears over a DJ because to me music is very important, I contacted many brides for help and it was so big to me. I am Latina and big into dancing salsa, merengue, etc..so I had all planned with Ivan about the type of music I wanted for the wedding day!!!

    We even considered to move the reception and ceremony over to Arenika, which is a beach club near Sensatori which is within walking distance and gorgeous, I contacted Weddings on the beach and Natalia was amazingly helpful!! unfortunaltely this brought lots of confusion to me and when we decided to move the wedding out of Sensatori we called Arenika and the place was booked. It was just no meant to be.

    We ended with the vendor at Sensatori, we got the DJ with MC and his name was Fernando. It was "all right", people had a good time, but I would have expected better, I know that you might think I was pre-set in my mind about the DJ and honesly I was not, that DJ is just ok! their equipment is SO OLD!!! but still I think of my wedding day as a magical day so I do not regret!


    Learned experience:  you wont always win while planning, things wont be perfect but be happy and compromise!


    TTD: Yes, we hired Studio by the Ferry!



    Makeup and hair: I hired Michael and Martina from Beso Brides. No, they did not come inside the resort. After the headache of the DJ I did not want another. I booked a room in Puerto Morelos for $80 per night after taxes. I met with them there and it was the best I did, no regrets and I was okay leaving the resort, every bride is different and that was not a big thing to me. I wanted airbrush and at the resort I was not sure with their expertise. Martina and Michael prices were much more reasonable, I was on time back at the resort with my 3 bridesmaids and mothers.








    Bouquet flowers and button: 



    Flowers for my bouquet: I knew I could not do touch or fake flowers and because I love expensive good looking things, I compromised with cheap flowers and I do not regret.

    I realized that nowadays ANY wedding gets so expensive, Karisma weddings are NOT cheap and all adds up quickly.


     BIGGEST CHALLENGE OF MY PLANNING: come up with welcome bags and reception decor!!!


    Welcome bags:

    I started reading and reading and making orders and money started being spent!! After 3 orders I realized I did not have a theme :( and all was all over the place with colors and designs. I wanted to read more and found several templates BUT each of them were for that specific bride. I needed to do something only for me that would call my name and his name all the time. I am good with designs and my brother also, so we sat down and decided that we would create an entire wedding theme with our colors and one exclusive design. Maybe the idea of the items were all over in every page and board I read, but the designs were only mine and I did my only designs. for my decor I wanted something more "beach relaxed", colorful and bright,  I knew I did not want silvers or golds. 


    Tip: decide what type of decor defines your personality and location. Do not start spending without a clear idea of what you want because it will go to waste!!


    My brother and I created and designed the entire logo, theme and all for our wedding decor and stationary. We printed, cut and finished all ourselves. It was lots of stress and work BUT it was worth the effort. Our designs came out really nice!!!

    I would LOVE to do this for another bride who wants to have a unique theme and logo like I did. I do not have templates, we used a design software for this.















    In Mexico:

    The Azul Sensatori wedding department is absolutely amazing with their work!!! They do this top notch and they are SO PROFESSIONAL!!! they amazed me and everyone!


    Welcome dinner:

    We did it at Spoons the night before the wedding, the dinner for the group is inside the restaurant, but made it very private where everyone knows this, they give you wedding menus and decorate nicely, no need of stress here. We had some Mexican souvenirs for the tables which  ended working perfectly, because they had Mexican night as the theme night LOL.






    The bride is ready to walk down the isle:






    Ceremony: I selected Memorable moments, Vitange collection but had to go white because they had blue or orange that did not match my decor. I requested to have roses dyed with aqua blue and coral roses




    Wedding party: Over the rainbow was the song and the seating song while guests waited was "three little birds"






    Here comes the bride and ceremony: I walked with "I choose you" by Sara 






    Each chair had a fan and a bubbles (we also customized this)





    then pronounced: Mrs and Ms.







    MORE TO COME SOON!!! COCKTAIL HOUR, RECEPTION AND CATAMARAN (I will post now because I don't want to lose all the work I did for hours)


    I have tons of pics to share for ideas!!







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  10. @@StacyPaul.

    You tag "@mention"

    Yes, the beach is a downer and a big one, honestly the entire cancun area has one issue or the other with the beach, it gets better and much better south like Tulum. If you are a beach person like me then try to go south.

    The resort is absolutely amazing! You have to do what works for both of you and even though you want your guests being happy, you can't just think "how to make them happy" because something will always be said. I used to be terrified about things that my guests would say about the beach or resort. Honestly, this resort is high-end and any guest who enjoys good resorts can understand that this type of resort offers great things for the price.

    You will not be dissapointed, specially on your wedding day, if you want more of a beach or luxury take a few days alone with your hubby after the wedding.

    it was a great experience to my entire group.

    Yes, pools and restaurants (specially the food) will make up for it.

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