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  1. @@AmandaRockZie welcome! Tax and tip is not included in the package price. Do you have a budget sheet? It lists each item broken out and shows what the tax and tip would be. If you don't, I can email it to you!
  2. Are there any past brides in here who had their makeup down by the resort salon? Looking for opinions! I am very good with makeup myself but like the idea of not having to mess with it, so trying to decide what to do!
  3. Does anyone know if there is WIFI everywhere on the resort or just in the rooms? I was planning on using the iHeart radio app to stream music for our dinner on the Tequilla Terrace.
  4. Does anyone have a copy of the planning form they could email to me? krpayne87@@gmail.com
  5. @@Breanna2015 Thank you! I just asked the photographer for their prices and wow they are great!! What did the resort charge to bring in an outside photographer? I was going to just go with Adventure to save money but her prices are great!
  6. @@Breanna2015 awesome pics! I love your hair, who did it? Also love the headband, where did you get that?
  7. I was told by my coordinator that we would not need any proof of our marriage for out symbolic ceremony and I just wanted to make sure that was correct. I have read in other FB groups that you need to have proof of your marriage even if it was symbolic. Anyone know? Thanks!
  8. @@lornj29 I struggled with figuring out how to do this as well. I ended up just putting a card in with our invites for their selections for our guests to return. This is what it looks like:
  9. @@jeffandrobyn Was this promotion actually through NOW or something your TA provided? I've never heard of them having this promotion before! Did you get this when you booked? I just emailed Juan and got an immediate response. He said the welcome reception promotion is no longer availablle
  10. @@calgarybride2015 if you could send me her company that would be great! Thanks
  11. It seems that most people choose the Tequila Terrace over the Beach Terrace. I am leaning towards the Beach Terrace, so was curious what drew most people to the Tequilla Terrace?
  12. I had seen people post before about having a signature cocktail at their cocktail hour and reception..is this something included with the package or is that extra cost?
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