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  1. I'm hoping I'll be able to ask family members to carry on a few things in case I can't fit em, but I hope to pack light in terms of decor to bring down. Paper products mostly! Did anyone else fly Sunwing? Do they have extra closets for wedding dresses hanging space or am I gonna have to cram it into the overhead bins?
  2. Congrats! Oooh please post a review on the resort when you get back. I'm getting married at a Memories but in Cayo Coco so very interested to know how your wedding went.
  3. We are going with the free wedding package at ours too, which is free for anything over 18 guests (which we have) that are staying 6 nights or more. We are probably going to do a few add ons and upgrades though but will still be hopefully under $1500 once we're through.
  4. We did Flight Centre too! We ended up thru our agent there getting a package thru Sunwing, which is every 11th passenger is a free one (minus taxes) so we had 31 booked so my FI and I are free, yaay! We also get upgraded rooms to the next pricepoint and specialty lounges at the airport apparently...not sure how much we'll use them if we get a 6 am flight, but who knows! It def depends on the TA and their connections.
  5. Maybe just choose a colour and everyone can wear or buy something in the colour they have? I would ask they aim for dressier flip flops/sandals for photos, maybe some pretty ones with jewels for the photos anyway, then change into whatever they want after!
  6. OMG, I want to access all the good stuff too! Lol. Hurry up 150 posts.
  7. Sorry, super delayed reaction to your question. Haha. I have not. Which is sort of nuts I guess, but I have family members that go almost every year and I really trust my TA so I am hoping it will be everything I dream of, lol. I've been to other all inclusives in the Dominican so I know sort of what to expect, I think. It's the Memories Flamenco Beach Resort in Cayo Coco. It's ranked #2 (only outta 11 though) on Trip Advisor for the area so I feel like it should be pretty dang good. I'll report further on how things turned out once we return!!
  8. We searched for a good few months and I drove myself crazy trying to figure out pricing and best resorts. I spoke to a couple TA's before finding a good one that my fiance and I vibed well with. Our main priorities were budget friendly, decent/or free basic wedding packages, and a place where we could get legally married without doing blood tests or anything too nuts. We started looking early and were SUPER flexible with months/dates. We were originally thinking Nov 2014 but we creeped closer to that date and found that prices in Jan/Feb and May were comparable for the resorts we looked at. Our TA let us know that Mexico and Cuba are the most cost effective generally from Toronto. There's always exceptions to this rule of course. We ended up with a 4.5* in Cuba for $973 double and $1133 single taxes in.
  9. Mississauga/Toronto bride getting married in Cayo Coco in May 2015. Any brides on here get married in Cuba with a legal ceremony there? I'm not too worried but a few of my family members think we should get married ahead of time at home before we go, 'just in case'.
  10. Me me! I am! Haha. We're getting married in Cayo Coco in May of next year. I'm getting so excited!
  11. How was your wedding? SO interested in hearing all about it! I'm getting married there next May
  12. Just wondering if you ended up getting married in Cayo Coco? Would love to hear all about it as we are getting hitched at Memories Flamenco in Cayo Coco next May!
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