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  1. Hi @@Chawrela. We're having our rehearsal dinner there in April 2016. I just had dinner there in September and the views and ambience are out of this world! If I had a smaller guest list, I'd consider doing my reception there, too! The open bar is pricey, but Sofia has been extremely flexible and easy to work with. We are basically doing a custom menu --- picking from items on their group menu --- and are only doing beer and wine for the rehearsal to avoid the crazy open bar prices! But they are allowing us to just pay per bottle opened, which is great. We're going to pick 3 different types of wine that guests can choose from. And if anyone really wants a cocktail, we just told them to charge us for it separately. I think going this route will be MUCH cheaper than the open bar route.
  2. Hey, ladies! Thought I'd start a post specifically for brides getting married in PV in 2016. Looking for vendor ideas and reviews - specifically for DJs/bands. My date is April 22 and I'm working with Kelley Kahrhoff for coordination. I have ceremony and reception venues booked -- Our Lady of Guadalupe for the ceremony and Villa Celeste for the reception. I'm also in the process of booking Vista Grille for the rehearsal dinner. I still need music, photographer, florist, etc. Anyone else getting married in PV in 2016?? Who are you working with so far?? Any good ideas you've come across for welcome parties?? Thanks!!
  3. Hey, everyone! First post! I'm from Chicago and getting married April 22, 2016 in Puerto Vallarta. My ceremony is at Our Lady of Guadalupe and the reception is at Villa Celeste! Glad to hear Hurricane Patricia didn't cause any harm down there!!
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