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  1. Yes, their website has been down for some time. I am also getting married that month at Barcelo! You can look them up on Facebook and Instagram and you can see their photos on there are actually surprisingly awesome. And they have videographers and the videos look great. I was nervous about the quality, but they are awesome! I actually opted to use a family friend as the photog so I'm not using them after all, but their work looks good!
  2. Did I read someone say somewhere that if we use an outside dj's generator the vendor fee is less??? $500 is ridiculous! Anyone use the resort dj? Any good?
  3. Has anyone used the hotel photographer? Would you recommend them? What are their rates? Any info you have would be appreciated!
  4. Can you please email me the menu as well??? Thank you so much! jacqui.jewett@yahoo.com Hello Ladies!!!!!!! I have just paid my deposit for our Jan 17, 2015 at The Palace Deluxe!!!! I'm so excited to have checked that off the list! I'm looking forward to reading this thread in it's entirety!
  5. Thank you ladies! Unfortunately it seems that the trend is that if you do an off site ceremony, that you do not qualify to purchase a wedding package at most resorts and have to pay a much higher premium per head, so I don't know if I will be able to do an off property wedding
  6. Hello ladies! So, has anyone here found an off site chapel for the ceremony in or around PDC? I have a dream of getting married in a tiny little old Meixcan church with only candles and flowers my TA is currently looking for options, but maybe you ladies have suggestions! I am getting married at the Riu Palace Mexico and they have a small chapel but I hear it only holds 20 ppl. Does anyone know if that's true? Thank you so much!
  7. I am not getting married on the beach either! I chose to get married in a tropical location for the days surrounding the wedding, not the actual wedding haha. My TA is scouting out little old chapels off property right now that I'm wanting the ceremony to be held in. Keep your fingers crossed! You can do whatever you want girl! It's your wedding! And I don't blame you for wanting to wear fabulous shoes. It's one of my top reasons for no beach ceremony, too!
  8. LadL Ladies! A local bride here in the states gave me a great idea. She is ordering all her flowers from SAMS club here in the US. she's getting tons of flowers (i want to say over 300 stems of hydrangeas and roses) for $300. So, SUPER cheap. I got to thinking and then did some research. There are TWO SAMS clubs in Cancun. They will deliver them or you could even go pick up them up. She says that the flowers are so fresh they are fully or partially closed when they arrive but SAMS gives you precise instructions placing them in buckets and within 24 hours they are bloomed and ready to arrange. Look into this ladies as an option for flowers! I know I will be!
  9. Hello! I am a Riu Palace Mexico bride here to say hello!!!! Jan 2015 can't come soon enough!
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