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  1. Pics have been sent! I think you could fit 100 up there for dinner, but I'm not sure about room for dancing. If it helps any, the Sky Deck is located directly about the night club, literally down one flight of stairs and you're there. I wish I'd thought of this at the time, four hours wasn't enough time, we were just getting started when they kicked us out!
  2. Now we get into the good stuff... I'd like to go through everything we did for our guests, including the ceremony and reception. My family only stayed for four days, so we jammed everything wedding related into those four days. INVITATIONS Just a quick photo to give you a feel for our personalities and style... We wanted everyone to know from the start that this was not your everyday wedding! They were sent in a black linen envelope, I hand wrote the addresses with a white fine tip felt pen and used superman stamps to mail them... A detail that many of our guests loved! WELCOM
  3. @@Vickiw89 the lighting shown in the photos is standard. It's really bright during the day, everything is white up there. PM me your email and I'll send more photos of how it looks at night, if you'd like to see more.
  4. Ladies, I'm so sorry for the silence! I know it's hard to get any info from past brides... Once the wedding is over, the forum stops being a necessity and you don't think to log in so often. I really do want to complete my review, so here we go... THE ARRIVAL I was really nervous about this resort. I grew up in Southern California (living in Canada now) and my family doesn't understand the whole concept of a destination wedding. As a matter of fact, it blew their minds that one would want to go to Mexico to get married. I had heard that the road leading up to the resort was a bit sketc
  5. I've been a bad bride... Had my wedding, started a review and f***ed right off, sorry guys!! @@kriziac, our reception on the sky deck was simply amazing, 5 months later we're all still talking about how fantastic this resort was! Here's a photo of how our reception was set up. Yes, it was windy, but the staff were really good about making sure everything was secure (ie. rocks inside my centerpieces, etc) This one shows what would be behind the tables in the previous photo, we had 30 guests and there was still plenty of room for dancing/mingling. You can see the bar in the backgro
  6. @@Lilgabri03 I think I've sent you everything requested so far.... Let me know if you're missing something. @@BDABeachBum, yes, I'll send the pics right away! I think the alternative location for rain is either the Oreolas restaurant, which is on the main floor and is open to the beach, it's basically a giant covered patio. Or the Zky bar, which I think has an outdoor covered patio (can't remember.... I was highly intoxicated every time I went there, lol) and is on the second level. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk They've got pretty much anything you want. They charge extra for
  7. To each her own, I guess.... I wouldn't be offended at all. We had several guests at our wedding who asked to bring friends and I had no issues with it. We welcomed them with open arms and they felt like part of the family by the end of the trip! Why stress about the little things? I just wanted my guests to have fun, so if they needed a travel partner then so be it! That being said, I can't imagine this group of friends from the original post assume that they're invited to the wedding events. Might be a good idea to chat it out with your friend before you lose your mind over something yo
  8. @@acw271011, lol, not to worry, there is definitely more where that came from! Thanks for following along, I'll try to get another post in tonight. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  9. Planning a wedding at Azul Fives was a bit of an adventure. There isn't much out there in terms of resort reviews on this site, I'd never visited this resort, and as we all know, the Karisma off site planners are insanely overworked and don't offer the attention that the majority of brides expect.That being said, all my fears, worries, anxiety, and night terrors (haha, just kidding... kind of) were laid to rest from the moment we arrived on site. HISTORY Where's that rewind button... I'm feeling the need to provide some background. I met my soul mate back in 2009 at a Fly Fishing E
  10. I just went back through all the photos our guests posted on wedpics (which is a great app, by the way), I found a couple that might help those who are looking for photos of the garden and pool area! I'll send them via email to @@TinkerSofi, @@Lilgabri03 and @cgcabazas. Heads up, the garden area offers very little privacy... It's located right along the only walkway that connects the hotel rooms and the restaurants, main pool and beach. Here is an overhead shot of the pool with the edge of the garden off to the right: This one shows the garden in the background, that white struct
  11. @@Lilgabri03, no problem, will send them tonight! It was quite windy, but the staff were kind enough to make sure everythijgnwas secure (ie. They put rocks in my mason jar pieces, made sure my Wed libs didn't blow away, etc). Ok ladies, I'm working on a full review, will try to get it done tonight! Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  12. @, here are our ceremony and reception photos. Both were amazing, but the sky deck was a bit windy. This didn't bother me much, but I can see how some might be annoyed by it. Still working on a complete review with more photos, will post soon. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  13. Ladies, this resort is fantastic! I will post a complete review when we return, but just wanted to pipe in and say that there is no need for stress. Our day (and our entire stay so far) was absolutely perfect, I haven't had a single complaint since we arrived! Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  14. Congrats @@mrsrobertkarlik! I'm happy to hear they took good care of you once you were on site! We leave for Mexico tomorrow, planning was a bit stressful for me as well. I did find out from my coordinator that she is currently working on over 150 weddings and at least 20 of them are in May. It's no wonder they're so slow to get back, I can't imagine the workload! I hope Karisma will smarten up and do something about this issue, they're only hurting their business by overloading their coordinators. Anyway, I'm so happy to hear you had a great time, and congrats again on your wedding!
  15. Keep at it, you'll find the one! Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
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