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  1. I won't be paying for my girls' dresses. In all the bridal parties I've been in, I've paid for my own dress. I will definitely be on the look out for affordable dresses for them though!
  2. I think I'll do Email invites for my At Home Reception, and I already did email invites to the DW. It's just easier! I already have everyones emails, and don't have to go around asking for everyone's home addresses. Also it's easier for the recipient to just click a button, instead of mailing back the prepaid rsvp. Plus it saves some money! Anywhere to save is a bonus
  3. Yeah it's definitely hard and you have to be a bit strong to get through it. I went to 2 DWs in one year, and that was really hard financially, and I completely understand all the reasons people have for not coming. Kids, money, pregnant, other trips planned, saving for a house down payment, etc. We are pretty chill people and have had a "no worries! we'll see you at the at home reception!" attitude about it. My deposit deadline is TODAY, so in the last few days we have gotten a huge flow of declines. Each one is a little bit of a hit, but at the end of the day, the people we are closest with are going. (So unlike other people that have posted, I'm lucky to say that thus far, no one has dropped out of our Bridal Party). Originally 53 guests were invited, and we have a confirmed 28. It's so true how in the beginning everyone is like YES, we can't wait! and then 3 months later when the deposit is due, all of a sudden no one can make it work financially. The only problem I have with it, is when people start avoiding you because they are afraid to say they can't make it. I'd much rather know ahead of time, then assume they're still pumped to come! And it makes it awkward. I don't regret doing a DW at all, because I think it's going to an amazing holiday, but it definitely takes a bit of strength to not take the declines personally, and to brush off any negativity.
  4. Originally I was like YES definite dance floor, definite DJ. But now I'm wondering with a small group, if that many people are going to be dancing at that time. We will of course head to the disco when the parties over at 10pm so there will be opportunity for dancing. I may just rent the sound equipment and hook up my iphone - i think there's an app that kind of flows one song into the next so there's no pause in music and that might be sufficient instead of paying $650 for DJ! and I suppose we can stumble in the sand.. And we will also need the sound equipment and music for the first dance/father daughter dance! ahh that would all go so much better on the dance floor...
  5. We are too! I anticipate 29 or 30 people, but I'm still paying the $4000 for private party. I'm not looking at it as $100 per person, I'm just thinking to myself that regardless of guest count, that is how much the party costs! It looks amazing though. I just wish I could justify spending $1800 on the acrylic dance floor.. instead of stumbling in the sand...
  6. No engagement photos for us.. I hate doing things "because we're supposed to". It's not even about the money, I just don't think there's a use. It's like getting your school photo taken in Grade 12, but then getting your graduation photos in May, and that's the photo that goes in the yearbook. What was the point of the first one? Also.. they are so forced. At least on the wedding day, the photos might look posey, but at least the smiles and feelings are real!
  7. Ohh my bad! I thought you were the original poster!! My comments were intended for @@Sara1603 I guess! Sorry about that!
  8. I'm paying $9 per chair to swap the ugly covered/sashed chairs for white "versailles" chairs, which are just wood and simple.
  9. @acw271011 - I have been to the GSP in the past for my sister's wedding, and CHOSE it for my own, next May, based on how great of a time we all had! If you look at reviews on trip advisor, there is some terrible reviews on it, but when you really look at what people are complaining about? What do these people expect? It's Mexico, standards are not the same as Canada or USA. They got to their room and the A/C was broken? Okay, tiny inconvenience, get it fixed, move on. The fact that they get through a week of vacation, and then still come home dwelling on such an insignificant thing is beyond me. This is why I chose the GSP - Great beach, great pools, good drinks, the nicest rooms we've ever stayed in, proximity to Cancun airport, decent food and nice, friendly staff. What more do you need? I'm not the type to sweat the small stuff on a trip, it's just not worth it. Don't worry about your resort choice, or what negative reviews you hear about it. If you have guests that are going to complain about everything, then they are ruining their own holiday, but don't let it ruin yours!!
  10. Ditto on the $100/person with a minimum of 40 people. (or at least paying for 40, even if you have a few less bodies). Just a note on decor, I asked the WC about it, and she said nothing with fire. So make sure you get those fake tea lights!
  11. 5 on each side.. and I have appointed 2 MOH's, to make their jobs easier. I wish there was less, but oh well! 4 besties and my sister
  12. I haven't gotten married yet!! That was just a wedding I found that had the same reception, so I wanted to use it as an example! That wedding makes me so excited too because it looks beautiful and like everyone had a great time! Mine isn't until May 26, 2015!
  13. I wouldn't.. If people choose to get you a card/gift, they aren't going to say "oh, there's no place to put it, let's not give it to them then", they will obviously easily find somewhere to put it, or some point to give it to you. Putting a card box out just looks a little assuming. I'm having an AHR and even debated putting one there! Although there will be 50+ guests that aren't attending my DW so I guess that's different. Save yourself the money and space on a fancy card holder!
  14. The worst part is after the pain-staking task of picking 42 photos of the bunch, they'll be like, "oh, for $600 more we will just give you the whole CD" and at that point, how can you not? So frustrating!!
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