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  1. I tried this route but the photog I really wanted was willing to go but wanted a crazy amount of money plus all expenses paid. I don't think he quite realized how much a Sandals resort costs - even for just one night. It wouldn't have been a "vacation" for him since he would not be bringing his family. So I'm just getting a very cheap Sandals photographer package - digital only for like $600 something - I can always add more photos if I like them. Plus, we have our family and friends who can take photos. I used to be obsessed with the photo thing, but it just stressed me out so I decided n
  2. Hey I'm getting married at Grande Riviera on Nov. 4th and we have almost the same number of people going. 18 including us. I'm also doing the ceremony at 3pm and am requesting the sit down reception at 5pm since that's closest to dinner time. That will allow time for pictures, etc. I'm also having my ceremony and my reception in different areas of the resort. So we have the free cocktail hour so we're paying $57 per person for the reception dinner (total of 3 hours, and open bar for the whole time, even the free cocktail hour.. that's $12pp so that's why it's $45 + $12 = $57pp). Also addin
  3. Thanks - I did email one of them for their prices and one of their first questions was "where are you getting married?" I said I'm not sure yet lol and I'm still waiting on a price list. I mean honestly, some of the differences between what the photog charges and what Sandals charges for them are close if not more than what it would cost to pay for 3 nights lol
  4. We just opted for the Beachfront concierge room in the Riviera building.. I like oceanview So I asked my wedding planner what the prices were for the "partner" photographers and was BLOWN AWAY. For 4 hours of shooting and UP TO 200 edited images on a CD... Anywheres from $2,800 to $4,250!! Holy crap..
  5. thanks. and yea, we're locked into sandals. we (and all the guests) put a deposit down for the week. i really like it there so i do want to stick with it.. just makes it hard with photography.
  6. We thought of eloping too.. but we have 10 other people in addition to us going..
  7. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it! So I'm torn on what to do about photos.. I skyped with a local photographer I'd love to bring to my wedding, but the $$ he wants in addition to covering his expenses (flight, hotel stay) is just crazy He's really incredible, but I don't know if I want to swing it or not. I wasn't exactly prepared for that quote. He inquired about coming/leaving the same day but I really don't think that will work - not only with flights but also with the resort. He'd be willing to stay 1 night - but Sandals charges and arm and a leg for one night! He does leave
  8. Exactly!!!! That's why I'm hoping my photographer here will be willing to come along with us lol That way for the same price I'd probably spend with Sandals I can have way more photos and they'll be edited too. We talk on Monday about it.
  9. That's really weird.. right in the Sandals wedding packet it lists the photography options.. I think the lowest package is called "Simply Romantic" and it's $1,200 and it comes with 42 photos (36 5x7's, 6 8x10's and a photo album of purchased photos and all 42 photos on a disc). I spoke to my wedding planner last Thursday and that was the cheapest package offered. $1,200. It blows my mind. And I might HATE the photos. Or even worse, spend hours trying to pick out 42 out of the 200+ photos they probably take. I'll have to ask about having outside photographer if the photographer I know
  10. ahhh what a nightmare!!! i think it might be more than $200 to bring an outside photographer in.. i might be mistaken but i thought it was at least 3 nights charge. it's really crappy they charge a minimum of $1,200 for the photo packages... and that only includes 42 photos!
  11. No offense, but you've been posting this same response anytime anyone asks about photography. And you also direct messaged me on this website with the same info. Will you get something from The Memory Factory if you get people to use their services or what's the deal..?
  12. Thanks for the info. The reason I ask is I might be paying for a photographer from my area to stay at the resort for a few days and shoot the wedding. I was having a hard time paying $1,200+ for Sandals photography and not even sure if I will like the photos, or worse, having to spend time on my honeymoon deciding what photos to buy or not buy. If anyone has done this before, did you pay for the room and flight for them in exchange for photos? Or room and flight plus extra money for photos? This particular guy is SO well known in my area, has done hundreds of weddings, but has yet to d
  13. Hi, Have any of you had a guest attend your wedding who also happened to be a professional photographer? Was Sandals cool with it since they were a paid guest of at least 3 nights? Thanks for any stories on your experiences!
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