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  1. I think you should go according to your budget. if your dudget allows you to buy designer dresses then you should go for that...they are little bit costly but will nake you look like a princess on your BIG DAY. but if you want to get idea in variety then there is no harm to visit small shops too.
  2. All the dresses are beautiful but is this sale currently going on.........because I saw some gorgeous dresses on wallao.com also those are also awesome.
  3. I think if your heart wants it then definitly go for it becuase wedding took place only once in life......and iits your BIG DAY....you must fulfill all your desires... Good Luck,,,
  4. you are looking gorgeous.....your dress is perfectly fitted and bottom tulle design is awesome....
  5. You must try find it online if you are not able to search it in your area. Lots of online store offer bridemainds dresses with gorgeous designs. I gifted one to my sis which i bought from ebay..
  6. ya, its a party dress.... but the thing which matter is your perception. if you like it then you can wear this as your wedding dress
  7. Me and my fiance follow a strict diest suggested by our hired ditetian. it includes meal without oil. now we are deciding to join physically excercies too like pilates and aerobics.
  8. @@kmk2016 ya i agree with you...and it's good to practice in advance as it will be Your BIG DAY. Don't worry everything will be fine and will happen in a beautiful manner.
  9. @@kmk2016 really your stars are strong. Congratulations to you.........
  10. the hair dressing fee varies according to the styles which you select. Most of the stylists quote $100 minimum and it goes up according to the perfection you want. Select it according to your desired budget.
  11. ya and also you can see more beautiful dresses at wallao.com which are made from beautiful and vast variety of fabrics..
  12. @@Kyliewylie you can also use Batisite, Crepe, Brocade all are light and soft well known for their perfect finishing and will look beautiful for beach gown...
  13. ya agree with bitter08 and csho ...chiffon would be perfect as it looks sober and simple
  14. I think for culture dress for churches ...... light color like white, ivory or light gold would be perfect, also it represent peace and calmness and make the bride truly beautiful and express her happiness......
  15. chelsay001 if you want some idea for tulle design then you can visit is and get it by visiting the link. beautiful designs are there which will definitely made your dress more beautiful
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