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  1. i was searchig for more beautiful dresses for your little nieces and got some wonderfull dresses for them at wallao.com it look awesome and give you some idea to choose the right one..
  2. I think you should go with long dress because BM dress made to be look beautiful which can only be reflect in long dresses rather than in short.
  3. @@bride6 haha... don't worry she must be intelligent and know the value of money, you should help her after all she is your MIL..
  4. I think teal color would be perfect for your mother as it will give complex of two colors...and in this color a formal suit will be fine with a suitable mufler..
  5. @gannonham me too......if you are unable to search it physically then you can order it through online.........
  6. @acw271011 do not get confused pink will be perfect for you........go with it
  7. wonderful combinations of flowers......it shows combination of creativity and knowlede of making varity........I like the concept of same color of flowers with the brides dress........wonderful work.......
  8. @kallisbaby..... many vote for the family members...thats nice...it will help you...
  9. That is a nice choice @kellisbaby, finally you are going with your mother...
  10. It's better for now to shop with your family members, as your family member know your likes and dislikes so they will better advice to selesct a perfect dress for you which your future MIL can not give for now...........
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