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  1. Hi @@AllieH! Thanks so much for your help!!! Do you know if you can have witnesses sign the certificate? Also, did you or anyone rent the sound system for $250 for the private reception? How many speaker are there? Should I just scratch it and bring my portable Bose speaker? Also, if we stay on the Casistas side, but our guests are on the other side, do they need reservations for the other restaurants, if they come with us? Lastly, we are having difficulty picking our wedding song, song to walk down the isle and guest coming in and out. I probably am thinking about it too much. Any ideas?
  2. Hey girls! I wish I would have seen this thread earlier! I'm getting married at the EDR on Nov 3rd. I have so many questions and it's a month and a half away :/ Our private reception is at the Health Bar. Has anyone heard anything good or bad about it? Also we are getting our hair and makeup done at the spa. Should I be requesting the Casitas Spa? Is there more than one Spa? Also I've heard to make your reservations early for dinner, like when you first arrive. Is this true? How do you eat with other couples? I hate to plan the whole week out right off the back. Lastly and most importantly, ha
  3. lshotty

    Wedding Songs

    Help! We can't decide on our wedding song! Any suggestions out there? We also need help picking out ceremony songs! Anyone willing to share?
  4. Could you email me pictures? Lindsay.shotwell@@gmail.com
  5. I hate to sound like an idiot, but am I supposed to be making a playlist on an iPod? I'm getting married at the El Dorado Royale. Are there speakers and an iPod dock for my music? Any get married there?
  6. Do you know the name of the photographer? The one for my resort is Mexican Wedding Photographer and they charge like $2500!!! Looking for something creative but cheaper!!
  7. He should get some cheap linen pants and shirt. The pictures are amazing!
  8. Yep. We are shooting it the next day hopefully!
  9. Help! We have decided to not have a wedding party because my fiance's brother and SIL can't attend now. My brother and SIL will be there. I want to make them feel special, but not sure how to incorporate them without making my fiance hurt, because his brother isn't there. We are having a destination wedding at the El Dorado Royal. It is a symbolic ceremony. Do they use witnesses for symbolics? Guests of honor? Not sure what to do other than have flowers for them?
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