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    Gonzalo Nunez Photography

    Fresh, Creative, Original and Professional

    Cons: Absolutely NONE!
    Gonzalo was definitely the best choice we could have ever made. He is fresh, cool and very creative. He is a warm combination of candor and professionalism. When you are in a photoshoot with him, he makes sure ti bring up the passion and utter happiness of that very special day. He has an excellent eye and feeling for romance, but he also makes sure to capture fun, spontaneous moments... the kind of memories that make you laugh when you see your pictures again. When you see the entire collection of photos he has taken, you are transported to your incredible day again!! The joy and love conveyed by the picutres he takes  are outstanding. On the other hand, I DEFINITELY AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND to have youR TRASH THE DRESS SESSION WITH HIM TOO!! He is super fun to work with, he is fresh and VERY VERY CREATIVE!! Believe me, you will get shots that can be easily featured in a Bridal Magazine. He has an amazing eye for composition and color, while brining in the romance and fun.  Definitely Gonzalo is your best option if you are looking for the best memories of your life!! THANK YOU GONZALO!!! Sincerely, Valeria and Luis.