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  1. Hello - quick question for brides that brought down OOT bags. Did you declare the value of the bags on the declaration form, or did you just wait to go through customs and if you were flagged, you just showed your receipts at that point in time? 9 days to go, starting to freak out a little on the last minute details! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, What are people tipping for their dj and photographer? Is there a rule of thumb? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know how much it costs to take a taxi from the Now Jade resort into Cancun? My fiancé and I want to make a Costco run in Cancun and don't want to get hosed by a taxi trying to charge us an unreasonable price.
  4. @@candle23, did they also charge you for reception decorations (i.e. decorating your tables?) That is the FOURTH decoration-type related charge they have on my contract. Ridiculous.
  5. Hello again - one more question. On my contract - the resort is charging to physically move our chairs from the ceremony (pergola) to the reception (Bamboo) room ($40+tax). They are also charging fees for tying on our chair bows ($40+tax) and for "decorating" our tables at the reception ($40+tax). To any recent Now Jade brides - were you charged for all/any of this? Meaghen
  6. Hello, Has anyone been charged a $350 set up fee to have your own bar during the reception? I received my contract today and there was this fee - I have never heard of this before, nor was it on any of my paperwork. For those that have already had their reception, particularly in the Bamboo Room - did you have your own bar for the reception? Or did you just have waiters running drinks to your guests from an outside bar? If so, were there any complaints that people could not get drinks timely? Thanks in advance!! Meaghen
  7. Hello, I have a question about transfers for the bride and groom. Is anyone booked for 2015 that has been offered transfers? It seems like they are offering them for 2014 but I haven't heard anything about 2015. Thanks in advance, Meaghen
  8. Hi again, Did anyone use an outside vendor for hair and makeup? If so, did the resort charge you twice for the vendor fee - once when the stylist came in for the bridal trial, and again when they came back for the wedding day? Thanks, Meaghen
  9. Could anyone please send me the measurements for the chair bows? I am thinking about making my own and bringing them down with me as opposed to renting them. If anyone also has the measurements for the table runners for the circular tables, I would love to hear from you! Thanks in advance! Please email me at meaghen_russell@hotmail.com or respond to this messaged directly. Meaghen
  10. I am looking to buy bottles of champagne for our guests instead of doing full OOT bags - has anyone done this before in Cancun/Mayan?

  11. Hi there, and congratulations!! I am looking at having my wedding at Now Jade next January. I assume from your post that you came from Boston - any rough idea how much your guests paid for flights/resort? Trying to figure out if I can get people down there for an affordable price is probably the hardest part! Thanks so much in advance.
  12. Hi there, and congratulations!! I am looking at having my wedding at Now Jade and have a few questions I am hoping you can help me with. In the additional fees section, there is pricing for a "dance floor" under the decorations section. Its $800 for a party of 2-50. Did you have to cover this cost since you had your wedding in the ballroom and not in the resort restaurants or on the beach? Can I also ask what they charged for the bridesmaid's bouquets and the groomsmen's boutonnieres? I've emailed the wedding planners but have yet to hear back. Thanks so much!!
  13. Hi Sarah, congratulations! Was the beachfront ceremony windy/were there patrons able to walk around the beachfront while your wedding was taking place? Also, do you mind if I ask roughly what your guests paid to stay/fly to PPC? Thanks!
  14. Hello, and congratulations!! My fiancé and I also live in Toronto and are in the midst of trying to determine where to go/stay. Would you mind me asking how much your party paid to fly to/stay at PPC? I'd really appreciate it! Also, if you used a travel agent in Toronto, could you let me know who you used? Thanks so much!
  15. Hi there, and Congratulations!!!! I was wondering what the approximate cost was for each of your guests to fly to/stay at NOW Jade? Thank you!
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