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  1. We were just in PV last week and got our engagement pictures done, I haven't seen them yet but I was also scouting where to get day after pictures done. I think I've decided to do them at the Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It's a bit out of town (and even farther from where I'm staying) but I want something different from the beach pics we will get on our wedding day!
  2. I think that's the hardest part is trying to weigh having your dream wedding with not having everyone there. Like you I'm having a AHR so I have stopped feeling so guilty. The only one that stings is that my FI Best Man is probably not coming so I'm not sure what our wedding party will look like.
  3. Those fees are really what is going to hurt the DW business for resorts because more and more people are looking off resort. Las Caletas is beautiful, I have been in contact with James at Martoca and he seems really nice and able to work within whatever budget you have. He told me he could do a wedding for 50 for $10,000 - $50,000 just depending on the options! You could also look into restaurants that's what I am doing. We have chosen a restaurant in Bucerias that we love, it is within walking distance of where everyone is staying or a $4.00 cab ride!
  4. I was trying to sell it to people as well, then I figured I'm not spending my time trying to talk anyone into it. Either they want to or don't!!!
  5. My FH and I have been together since we were 17 so 9 years now and the first 4 we talked about getting married in Vegas! Then we went to Mexico and fell in love with it!
  6. We will most likely use Air Transat/Nolitours as that's the only direct flight out of Saskatoon that works with the resort I want.
  7. The town we are getting married in is a place where a few of my family members own property. We will be getting a group rate to the resort in town and those who want to rent a house/condo in town can do so. This idea didn't bother me because our wedding isn't at the resort and even if it was who am I to say you can't stay at a place you own! THEN some of my other relatives started talking about getting rooms at a resort in PV which is about thirty minutes away from the town the rest of the people are staying and the wedding is taking place. This really got me upset because the people talking about it had a DW in their own family a couple of years ago and know that there are perks to the wedding couple/discounts the more people that book together. I told my mom (because I know that she won't repeat it) that if they want to do that they don't need to come to our wedding at all. I know it's totally an over reaction but it honestly hurt my feelings. I totally think a DW should be treated as everyone's individual holiday, but part of it is spending time together and I don't see this happening with them being so far away. Maybe I'm crazy!
  8. @@calgarybride2015 My MIL actually wasn't very excited about us having a DW either. She couldn't afford to go, so we told her that we would absolutely be paying for her to go, then she didn't want to fly, we went through all the stats, etc. but she was still not interested. We had talked about it with her even before we were engaged and she said no. We decided to go ahead with it and we would include her in our legal wedding in Canada. After we got engaged she sounded a little less against a DW. We were engaged on Dec 25, 2013 and she ended up passing away on Jan 30, 2014. Around the time of her funeral we had quite a few different people tell us that she had told them that she would go as long as they went too so she wouldn't be so afraid on the plane. I know they said it to be sweet, but I'm not sure it's been any comfort to my FH or I. I always knew she would end up there some way or another, but it was really emotional to hear people say it.
  9. @@calgarybride2015 I'm from Saskatchewan, very close to the AB border! Our guests will be split flying from Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. Your travel agent must be amazing! @@nadiakat17 I think our weather is so terrible we have to get away! I am always so jealous of the very southern U.S. brides who can go for 3-4 day holidays. It's pretty much a whole day there and back so a weekend would mean only a day in paradise!
  10. My best friend is kind of in the same situation where her and her boyfriend are not financially in a great place but she has been putting aside money every month so she can come. They are expecting which will be her third child (second with him) and they are still both planning to be there. Because it's so far away we haven't had any definite no or yes from anyone yet, but I expect to see a few people's true colors come out closer to the wedding. You really only go to this type of wedding for people you Really care about. The night I got engaged (about twenty minutes after as all of my family from my mom's side was there) two of my aunties told me they and my uncles probably wouldn't be coming if we had a destination wedding... The funniest part was we were all in Mexico together and had all been in Mexico together another time a few years ago for a DW!
  11. @kmk2016 How did you get your prices and bookings so early? I've been hearing a year out is even a bit early to start looking at flights!
  12. I am so glad that I am not the only one! In our families it's my family who is well travelled, most of his don't have their passports. The most surprising part to me is that his family doesn't seem surprised about the price at all. I just hope once we get official prices/dates then people don't start searching on expedia... I'm sure they will I just don't want to hear about how they could get a cheaper deal elsewhere lol.
  13. I was just looking yesterday at Vallarta Adventures Yelapa or Las Marietas boat trips and they are both around $70.00/person for an adult. I was thinking what we might do is send out to our guests that we will be doing this trip and covering half of the cost per person, making it $35.00/person for a 7-8 hour trip with food and drink included. That way they can choose to do it or not, I have lots of family that have done these tours many times and will not, but I think it's a decent cost for a group activity this way!
  14. Hi all, I have gone back and forth on if my fiancé and I have made the right decision to have a DW. I am feeling a tremendous amount of guilt asking people to spend ~$2000.00 to come to our wedding. I feel guiltier then when I think about my BM's who will be spending an additional amount for dresses etc. This post though is more about how I'm overcoming all of this guilt... The way I have decided to look at it is: 90% of my family does some type of tropical or other vacation at least every two years if not every year or more. Nobody HAS to come except my fiancé and I. We have spent a lot to attend other people's weddings/bridal showers/baby showers etc. and did not feel resentful to those people at all as it was always our choice. We will also be having an AHR so those who can't or just won't come can chose to come to the AHR to celebrate without the financial obligation. For the people who we really want there who cannot afford it we have offered to pay for all or part of their trip. I cannot control the price of flights and hotels in Mexico or anywhere else! Lastly it's our wedding, my dream has been to get married on a beach with the sunset, drink tropical drinks, eat good food, and enjoy time with my family and friends. So if anyone else out there is feeling this guilt (keep in mind nobody has said anything to me that has made me feel guilty this is all on my own!) I hope this helps you.
  15. I booked with her for an engagement shoot in October, but it's not going to be with her it'll be with her assistant I believe.
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