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  1. I did end up booking them - I haven't had my wedding yet but I've been following them on Facebook and every time they post pictures from weddings they've done I get more and more excited that I chose them, all their work looks amazing!
  2. Has anyone hired Car & Mel Photography in the Puerto Vallarta area? They are my top choice so far for my wedding on March 4th 2015 in Nuevo Vallarta but I'd love to hear some first hand reviews or see some of their work from real brides. Thanks! http://www.carandmel.com/#!/index
  3. Hello, My fiance and I are hosting our destination wedding at the Marival Resort & Suite on March 4th 2015. Has anyone visited there or been married there? I'd love to see some pictures from past events or hear any advice regarding this property. Our guests will be staying at the Marival Resort & Suites for a week-long vacation, our ceremony will be on the beach, and our Dinner/Reception will be held at their other property, the Marival Residence at the Insu Sky Lounge. Thanks! ~Ellen
  4. @Mention - i know your wedding was a few years ago now, but I'm hoping you would be open to sharring some photos from Paparazzi, I've booked my wedding at Marival for March of next year but I'm not sure if I want to go with Paparazzi yet. Thanks so much! ~Ellen
  5. That seams like a good price seeing as March is listed at $2000+ for next year for that resort!
  6. Thanks everyone! We'd decided to hold of booking anything until late April when the flight schedule comes out for our 2015 dates. This gave us time to get our Save the Dates out, so people have enough notice to get ready to pay the travel deposit. I will work with a travel agent but I'll book the wedding date at the hotel myself - as far as I can tell there isn't any benefit of having the TA book the wedding, most of them will just put you in touch with the Hotel's wedding coordinator rather then booking it for you anyway. I'm going to wait until we book the travel package before I book the wedding with the hotel - I don't want to pay a deposit to the hotel if I'm not 100% sure it's the resort we will pick. We want to wait and see the exact pricing per person for the travel package before we decide. Having said that - we are not picky on the date or time during the week we get married, if we were I may do it the other way around.
  7. Your wedding sounds amazing - thanks for sharing. I'm also considering the Hyatt Ziva for our wedding in March 2015. Do you happen to have any their wedding packages or event planning info from the hotel? I'm having a hard time getting a hold of someone there. Also - did you book a group travle package, or did you guests all make their own arrangements? Thanks!
  8. Hi - I'm interested in the Hyatt Ziva as well. Has anyone booked a group there this past Feb or upcoming this March? I'm wanting Feb or March 2015 and was hoping to get an idea of the pricing. Thanks. ~Ellen
  9. Hi, We are planning to get married in March of 2015. I've spoken with a few travel agents and have gotten mixed reviews of when we should request flight/hotel package quotes from WestJet / Air Canada / Transat / Sunwing ect in order to get the best prices. Some say to book ASAP and others say to wait until about 10-11 months out when the flight schedule comes out. I'd really like to plan ahead and book early, but if it ends up costing less to wait a little longer in order to save ourselves and our guests some money I think it would be worth the wait. We expect about 35 guests, so I wan't to arrange a group rather then try to have everyone book on their own. Brides who have already booked their group - when did you get quotes and put your deposit down with the travel agent? Did you book the actually wedding ceremony with the resort before you booked the travel? Thanks!
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