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  1. Imgettingmarried--I hope I didn't miss you!! I think you leave this week or next week. I wish you a great time, a beautiful wedding, and the best trip ever!!
  2. Imgettingmarried--may I ask what you used your "weddingmoon" credits on? We put them toward the government fees, but aren't sure what to do with the leftovers.
  3. Imgettingmarried--totally with you on not having a wedding! My mom tried to explain to me that I didn't understand how it felt for her not to be there because I'm not a mother. But I reminded her that it was her that raised a daughter that never ever ever thought a wedding made to sense for her.That seems to be going okay. acw271011--thanks!
  4. Thanks! That's the same as they told me. At first I was definitely against it, but now it seems worth it because of the headache and having to get the steamer, and the absolute certainty I would probably screw it up and would end up calling my FI in to talk me down....then he would see the dress. For some reason, this is the "headache" for me--the one problem causing stress.
  5. We fly out May 10 and get married May 13. I'm trying to change my pre-appointments now to May 11. I just can't see my hair going through that 2 days in a row--my hair hurts just thinking about it. You are totally right on the nails--i wasn't even going to do any manicure until it part of the package. Would rather have hair look nice than nails!! I heard from other brides that Sandals uses MAC and that was one of the first things I confirmed with the WC. MAC has already made a profit off of me because of this!! Seriously though, I was really worried, so I went to the MAC counter and had th
  6. 5 weeks!! How exciting!! Please let me know how it goes. We will be leaving right after you come back!! They told me the dress steaming starts at $80. At first I was like "no way" but since I've decided to do it I've been so much more relaxed. I was going to buy a hand steamer and then stress about getting it there and everything. Now, no worries. I've read some people say it was $30 if it was a simple dress, but I'm counting on $80 and ready to be pleasantly surprised. Sandals was no help with the cruise. So, we looked around for our own. It came down to Miramar and tropical catamar
  7. If any of you that have recently been married at Sandals Grande Antigua are still following....How long did it take you to receive your marriage license? I've read from a couple of posters they received it immediately afterwards, but sandals says it takes 6-8 weeks?
  8. Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone out there has had their dress steamed at a Sandals? I'm getting married at Sandals Grande Antigua in May, and the hassle of transporting the dress super carefully to lessen wrinkles and then try to use a portable steamer when I am there is just too much stress. My dress is taffeta, gets super wrinkled, and doesn't seem to respond to the steamy shower method. I would at least like it to be wrinkle-free for the ceremony (afterwards it's fine, it actually looks fine with some wrinkles). Does anybody have any experience using their services? Thank
  9. April is just right around the corner! We have a lot of the planning done. I think I have finally settled on getting my dress steamed there. I don't want the hassle of having to worry about getting it there uncrumpled. Making that has been a major relief, but I am going to reach out to see if anybody else has had good/bad luck with their steaming. What are you doing? Our highlight is that we are doing a private sunset cruise the night of our wedding. It wasn't that much more than the big group one, and we could choose the night we wanted to go (and not have to deal with a whole bunch of
  10. Hi there! I don't know how much help I can be because we are bringing no guests, but I wanted to join in and say that there are other Sandals Grande Antigua brides out there! We are getting married in May.
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