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  1. Whew! Long time no see! The past days have passed in a total blur!!! Easter and all I've also received wedding stuff in the mail almost every day now! My FI's jewellery has arrived (a leather bracelet with the coordinates of our wedding engraved), our napkins, my garter (although I'll probably buy a new one from the same seller, because I accidentaly ordered white -.-), and of course, my GORGEOUS necklace (seriously, I almost cried when I opened it - it is so beautiful!). Look at it! Sorry about the mobile pics x) It makes me want to arrange a huge party, just to be able to use it again, and again... and again! x) Also, I got my "Wifey" cozy sweater for cold evenings on the honeymoon, and my simple cake stand. Only thing left at the moment, is the tablecloth (on it's way), my knock of dress (also on it's way, but which at the moment I'm worried will never arrive -.-), and underwear for under the dress and wedding night... Every single payment has been paid! We are officially set to go (almost... in two months... and if everything arrives as it is supposed to x))
  2. Thank you!!! The necklace... I REALLY wanted the first one, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so disappointed I went looking for something else, and stumbled over the second necklace on Etsy, and fell in love! So I'm sorry, but I have no link to the first necklace
  3. Three months to the date until our wedding! Omg, it's so close!!! Just had to get it out
  4. Long time no see! The last days have been a blur, and although I have not been on BWD in a while, I've done lots of planning! I even made almost all of my last payments! Only thing left is the final payment for the wedding cake (which I'll transfer as soon as I get the invoice from Taste Fiji), and the final payment for the photographers (same as with the cake). Other than that I only need to get my dress fitted, find shoes for my man, get him an appointment at our tailor to take in his vest (I'm not the only one with a weight lost in the last year!), and get myself some sexy underwear for our wedding night Today we have done absolutely nothing other than drool over our shiny new Xbox one <3 <3 We are a pair of geeks, and since the X1 doesn't launch in Norway until late September, we had it imported from England! Now my husband to be is screaming at some stupid soldiers in the COD ghost game, while totally forgetting (or ignoring) the fact that he has to go to work in about 5,5 hrs. Oh, well! I on the other hand have the whole week off (who would say no to a paid Easter holiday, right?) Rune works Monday and Tuesday, and after that we are going to chill out until the 22 th! Oh, and my amazing FI had an early birthday present for me today (I turn 22 next Sunday): 22 wedding magazines!!! Uuuuu! Although we have everything planned, and I don't really need anything, he knows how much I love to flip through pages and pages of beautiful inspiration... And I love the fact that even after browsing through over 1000 of pics of wedding dresses, I still LOVELOVELOVE my dress! I guess that is a good sign
  5. I ordered it at Madame Bridal (Madame Butterfly)!!! They are a certified Mori Lee retailer, that has both an online- and a Florida-based shop I ordered it early February, and got it late March! I think they rushed it for me, since I kept nagging about when they expected to ship it x) I was told late April/early May, but it arrived as a complete surprise in March! I'm going to get some alterations early May, so I'll post pics with me in it then! Oh, and the dress is 100% more flattering on an actual person, than the superskinny, supertall model
  6. LilyPotter

    Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Packing Checklist

    Thank you I've been googling for packing lists, and have taken bits and pieces of most of the ones I found... This one has everything I need, and even things I hadn't thought of
  7. LilyPotter

    Ruffled Chair Covers/sashes

    Try searching for "wedding chair sashes" on ebay... That got me far at least You can also take a look at Wildflower Linens to get an idea of what you like
  8. Update! We've ordered something similar, but without the flowers! I've bought a cake topper which I LOVE!!! From THIS etsy seller
  9. I will have them in my purse at all times! We are not traveling directly to Fiji (two weeks in the US first), so we'll have to travel a lot with them... I have to say that I'm a bit nervous.
  10. UPDATE! We are only the two of us, and I don't see the point of having a big table... At first I was told that the resort only had big dining tables, and nothing round to fit our "reception", but then the manager asked if a 30" table would be big enough, and I almost jumped and screamed YES! 30" is perfect! They apparently use these tables for breakfast and drinks in the evening, but we're going to use it to eat our first meal as husband & wife. The tablecloth I'm bringing is 108", and I love the puddle that creates at the bottom Okei, so here is the inspiration of what I was going for: And this is the actual tablecloth I bought: In any other setting it would be waaaaay to much, but believe me, it fits sooo well with the location for the dinner! Have a look (never mind the sunbeds... Not going to be there ^^): And here is the table, and the chairs. So... I was thinking the silver sequin tablecloth, with the white flower-centerpiece, cobalt blue dinner napkins (like shown on the very first photo, only different colors), square white plates, and the menu on top of the plate. Then the chairs will have the ruffles, but I'm leaning more towards having them like this: That is the same amount of ruffles I showed you the other day, but I think maybe this style fits with the overall look? Sorry about the bad photo! Quickly resembled too I made those, btw
  11. Thanks for sharing! Love that they look so real!
  12. CUTE! Love them Love the color as well ^^
  13. My cake topper arrived yesterday! And it is beautiful! I ordered from etsy (HERE), and it came in much earlier than expected! We wanted something simple, but nice. I really don't like the bride and groom toppers, and everything else seemed to be either to much, or difficult to bring to Fiji. I was thinking about having fresh flowers, but I didn't think that would go with the overall look... Besides, my FI pointed out that the cake probably would taste a bit weird with flower-juice all over x) I swear, those were his words! Bu the way! I called about the certificates on Monday, and luckily they are sending new papers free of charge, and without having to send in the documents all over again! Saves us a couple of weeks, and besides it was their fault in the first place!
  14. I actually ordered my dress about 3-4 sizes to small.... For me that was a huge motivation, and now - three months before my wedding - my dress arrived and it fits! Its actually almost a little big It came in a month before expected, so I was nervous! Topic starter: Alterations is a bit tricky... To me 900 does seem like a lot. What do you have to do? Is it a dress with intricate details? Are you getting a bustle (that can really boost the price up)?