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  1. I am also bringing mine is a huge duffle bag... i will make sure to get bubble wrap so that they donot crack- I have 40 guests and about 25 acrylic tumblers- I will also purchase the koozies for the beer drinkers........
  2. I feel like the bride takes on the majority of the responsibilities.... it can be annoying when we are the ones that need support! Venting is healthy.... hopefully your bridesmaid will order their dress soon. I had to order 5 bridesmaid dresses- 4 were for my sisters and 1 for my best friend....
  3. just ordered mines- 5 packs of 10 for chair sashes and 5 runners- free shipping and cost 32 bucks- the wedding resort charges 5 bucks per sash.... so i decided to buy then myself and ask someone to put them on for the ceremony and reception.
  4. Hi, can you tell me under the drop down menu which suit to order? there are so many to choose from, Is his suit linen or cotton? I want to order the same for my husband- my email is Lady_e2006@yahoo.com
  5. getting married on November 15, 2014 and cant wait to experience the fun!
  6. Hi can you email me the templates? i donot have 150 posts yet my email is Lady_e2006@yahoo.com thanks so much Hi is there any way I can have this kit emailed to me? i am under the 150 post... thanks so much my email is Lady_e2006@yahoo.com
  7. can you email me the template as well to Lady_e2006@yahoo.com thanks so much
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