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  1. I wa married there on December 11th and I had a great experience. We had a really low key wedding, but we did use their photographer, the spa, and we had a cocktail hour and dinner reception. If you had specific questions, you could private message me
  2. Hi ladies! I'm booked for 12-11-14 at the HRH Riviera Maya. I had an easy time reserving my wedding date and signing the contract but after that, it's been 7 weeks (and counting...) since I last heard from the U.S. wedding coordinator.
  3. Hi ladies! Planning is going great! Save the dates have been sent and we already have 7 couples booked (and earned 5 free nights for us!) and another 4-5 couples who are working on their reservations right now. We are keeping things very simple - no bridal party and not a lot of "extras." One of my good friends is a hairstylist and will be doing my hair and makeup for the ceremony. We don't have a bridal party, so no dresses or anything to plan there. I've already purchased my dress ($150 J. Crew dress - brand new with tags!) and are going to wait until the wedding gets a little closer to pick out the grooms outfit, jewelry, etc.. The only problem I've had so far is with the resort wedding coordinator. After we signed our contract and paid our deposit, she sent us about 20 questions to answer regarding the wedding (flowers, color of cake, did we want a DJ, etc.). We answered the questions and sent them back and she promised to get to them "as soon as possible." Well, it's going on 7 weeks now and still no response from her! I'm not sure if that is a normal turn-around time but I'm going to give it another 2 weeks before I start to get really irritated. We are traveling from December 6th-13th, which we picked on purpose to avoid the peak season rates (which start on the 19th) and to avoid the holiday crowds. Even so, the resort is already filling up pretty quickly. Hope all of you are having a great time with your planning!
  4. I can't find any pictures of this dress besides the stock pictures! Does anyone have any pictures of this dress on an actual person? http://watters.com/Product/WtooBrides/10015
  5. December 11th, 2014 - Hard Rock Riviera Maya!
  6. Hi there! We are about 90% committed to the HRH in Riviera Maya for December 2014; just trying to find some more reviews and pictures from other brides, which has been hard since they are newly opened after their remodel (and the remodel isn't entirely finished yet). I had the same trouble with their request form! My TA was able to provide me with this email address for their wedding department: weddings@allinclusivecollection.com I received a response in about one day. Hope this helps!
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