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  1. @@Ydolem You should be ok depending on the person you get a the spa. I do recommend a trial a few days before your big day... that way you can ask them to make changes or request someone else! Definitely bring pictures printed out of what you want for hair and makeup. They were willing to make the changes for me, but the look just didn't work for me. It wasn't awful, but the updo didn't look like my pic and makeup was just blah!
  2. @@ShannonLeAnn There were a bunch of desserts included in the BBQ deluxe so I wasn't worried about size. I wanted a small cake that I could use for my cake topper for pictures. The estimate of 6-10 sounds accurate. By the time cake is served people had had drinks and dinner. There was just 1 piece of cake left at the end of the night. There were quite a few desserts left as well with 60 people eating. Hope this helps!
  3. @@ShannonLeAnn my wedding coordinator sent me the info. There is cake info on pg 10. Happy planning Here is the most recent banquet kit for Azul http://karismahotels.uberflip.com/i/183324
  4. Just got back from our 10-day trip and thought I would post this... We were married Feb 14th at Azul Sensatori and here is some info that will hopefully help other brides The resort was beautiful - perfect for couples or families. Lots of bars and also children areas. Food and booze were great. Service was a step up from most resorts - definitely top notch. Beach had seaweed when water was rough, but awesome pools made up for it. I used Dean Sanderson for photography and paid the $800 outside vendor fee. He was great and I can't wait to get the pics back. Wedding coordinators onsite were very detail oriented. The ladies made my day perfect. I had my ceremony on the beach by the pier. It was quite windy so had my hair up. No seaweed that day on the beach Reception was at Plaza Zavaz gazebo for 60 people. Ordered the BBQ deluxe and it was really good - had something for everyone. I ordered the $60 large cake in strawberry and it was really good. People even ate it! Easy to coordinate for guests compared to plated. Brought my own lights for gazebo. Had small flower centerpieces and rented a teal color table runner. It gets pretty much dark at 7pm, so I didn't feel I needed to go overboard with the expensive Lomas decor. Used mega DJ and he stuck to my song list and also took requests. Had the dance floor full all night! I would recommend him for the $1000. We had our own MC. I used Styling Trio for my hair and makeup. Went to their studio and was very happy with my final look. This was coordinated last minute in a panic as the hair/make trial at Azul spa was very disappointing. My hair did not look like the pic I brought and makeup was nothing special. Definitely not wedding makeup. I could do my own better. Also language barrier made it hard to enjoy the experience at the spa and communicate the changes I wanted. After the reception we all went to the Mojito lounge and partied the night away. Every thing was perfect.
  5. @@murmel & @@carrieandsam thanks for the reassurance! I feel much better now Also thanks for the add to bridal roll call. Ladies I will keep you all in the loop about how my big day goes. We have 60 guests coming!!! I am getting married on the beach by the pier. I ordered 2 white sheers for the gazebo and a large hanging corsage. Reception is at Plaza Zavaz and we will have the BBQ deluxe. I am bringing my own lights for gazebo poles and paper lanterns if I buy them in time LOL Photographer is Dean Sanderson. I've ordered bouquets, table runners, hurricane lamps and centerpiece flowers from the hotel. Also we have ordered the small cake for cake cutting and booked Mega DJ for reception.
  6. Do any Azul brides have recent experience with makeup/ hair done by the resort that you can share? I am seeing mixed reviews and am getting nervous. I have hair/makeup booked for my wedding coming up right away on Feb 14th Thanks!
  7. @@McGee2Be Thank so much for all your info... I'm so happy you found a new resort! We definitely do not have all our guests booked yet and are about 2 weeks away from the booking deadline. Fingers crossed it all works out for our group! I have already booked our photographer (Dean Sanderson) @@murmel Wonderful news about the positive feedback on the Azul salon for makeup and hair! I was also worried at first, but you have put my mind at ease. Love this forum!!!
  8. @@McGee2Be I can't believe that just happened to you! I am now worried about my Feb 14th wedding - a week after your original date. Did they give you a heads up that the resort was filling up? Curious to know if the travel agent is putting guest's deposits towards another resort?? So sorry this happened to you (as if picking a resort/ planning a wedding isn't stressful enough). I may run into this problem as well unfortunately On a more positive note.. what resort did you end up choosing? I'm sure your wedding will be perfect no matter the resort, as long as all your family and friends are there with you.
  9. @@McGee2Be we are using Tanya at Vision Farlie Travel in St. Albert! She has been great so far. She suggested our resort too LOL. Have you sent your invites or Save the Dates out yet?? We sent out ours 2 weeks ago, but only have a few people booked so far. Still debating when to send the actual invites.... So not sure how big or small the wedding will turn out to be. Any thoughts on the photographer you will use...?
  10. @@McGee2Be I know hey?! Super exciting I'm sure we will run into each other!! We are contemplating staying 2 weeks to make the most of our trip... Can't wait to share plans and ideas!
  11. Our wedding is booked for February 14, 2015 at Azul Sensatori!! The resort looks wonderful. I will be there Feb 11 to 18 soaking up the sun! My wedding coordinator is Andrea Acosta. She usually takes about a week to reply to my emails, but that has been ok since I'm still 10 months out! So far so good... Looking forward to planning along side you all. This forum is AWESOME
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