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    My little man who just turned one :) We Love to travel, be open minded and live life to the fullest :)

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    December 31, 1969
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  1. Wee got engaged in Cayo Coco Cuba at Memories Flamenco so we're going back for the wedding Soooo beautiful there Congrats and happy planning
  2. We are in the same situation, so I have decided it's our day and it's impossible to invite everyone and I would rather a small intimate group for the ceremony ( in Cuba ) and are going to have a huge celebration/ reception for everyone when we get home It's about what you want for one day.... And you should do what your vision is! If you didn't invite them to either, then they could complain lol Good luck girl! Happy Planning
  3. @@candle23 Hi, Wow what a small world lol That's awesome, I'll ask you more details in the email ) I'll send you an email Congrats on your engagement!!! So exciting isn't it Talk soon
  4. @@csho Ya that's a good idea maybe I'm gonna read through all the threads I'm sure there is a lot of good advice Thanks Hun and if you wanna start it I'll join lol
  5. @@csho That's a great idea I'm new so have no clue how to find your group I'd love to read other posts Thanks for the reply!
  6. Tamra

    New Bride To Be :)

    @jackshayne Thanks love
  7. Thanks so much @@jackshayne0123 It was perfect
  8. Tamra

    2015 wedding

    @@diadiamond Plan away doesn't hurt lol If you can find things great if not then you'll have lots of time still We don't have a wedding planner yet the resort will offer one once I confirm, I'm thinking about a travel agent... Wondering if it's worth it. We'd are having a very small private ceremony so just 6 guests and us my son and niece... So I'm not worrying to much about cost because they have to come lol But to create and save for a budget would be wonderful lol
  9. Tamra

    2015 wedding

    @@diadiamond it's crazy, the resort needs me to book the officiant and I don't know exactly what days we will be traveling I hate waiting too, plus trying to calculate for each guest, Crazy stuff
  10. Tamra

    Newbie! =)

    So exciting Congrats and welcome!!! Happy planning
  11. SOOO happy I found this site It's just too perfect! So many helpful questions and information Where are all the 2015 brides and that are getting married in Cuba, Cayo Coco?!? Looking to chat and share planning
  12. You can help me win my wedding dress :) Just one click! http://www.bestforbride.com/viewContestStory/208.php

  13. @@CurlyKristen I'm freaking out a little that flight info is not available yet too lol I just wanna get ideas of prices and dates I have to be at the resort 72 hours before the ceremony so can't book anything until I know flights!!! I called Sunwing and they said it's just random no set dates for when that far in advance becomes posted! Stressful!!! Lol
  14. @@krisdaversa January 2015 bride here from Ontario too Wedding in Cayo coco! Cuba Feel free to message and let's share planning ideas
  15. welcome I just joined as well and am loving this site So much helpful, useful info! Happy planning and congrats
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