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  1. I feel you I am a person that brings a gift to every event! I got engaged in October 2013 and had my save the dates out since Feb of this year with my travel agent info on it. Not one person has put a down payment on there room! Its frustrating! My wedding is May 2, 2015! The crazy part is me and my fiancee is paying for everything on our own no help from family I feel the least the can do is show up. Punta Cana is not expensive
  2. I am going to be totally honest and as specific as I can be with this blog. My fiance is going to pull his hair out! Everytime we look around there is an extra costs. We decided to go with the ballroom however it is all carpet with no where to dance so guess what?... Its $850 for a dance floor! Then we thought that the Gazebo directly on the beach comes with the ulitimate package and it does not so guest what?... $380 just for the basic gazebo and white linen! I love the place and the fact that I am having a destination wedding but the price looks amazing until you find out all the extras that has to be purchased. Any suggestions?
  3. Good morning her name is Johanna Rivera @@kellymiller What photographer did you use? And if you dont mind what was your end costs with your locations and number of guest?
  4. Hello! I just officially booked my wedding for May 2015 at Dreams Palm Beach. I am leaning more towards HDC because Carribean Emotion videos do not look as professional to me. I was looking for DJs and through forums looked up DJ Mannia but he wants 990 for 3 hours! Little out of my price range for just music... I'm having my ceremony on the beach but I am still torn between the ballroom or poolside for the reception but both pictures look amazing. I have about 40 guest attending. Please feel free to share ideas as well I am very much just starting out! Excited but super nervous!!
  5. Hi whitekatie23 I am also getting married at DPB but not until another year. Did they allow you to do a bonfire on the beach? How was your wedding by the way! Congrats! I know it was amazing!
  6. Hello! I just officially booked my wedding at Dreams Palm Beach for May 2015! Looking forward to hearing all the wonderful ideas! Johanna is my wedding coordinator
  7. Hello I just officially booked my wedding at Dreams Palm Beach for May 2, 2015!!! Woohoo!!
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