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  1. Has anyone used the photographers for majestic elegance? Or any recommendations on good affordable photographers in that area? I'm getting married 3/15 at Majestic and was seeing if anyone had any input
  2. @@Cassandra23 how do you pick between the colonial or elegance for the majestic? are they the same hotel or separate? i can't decide between that and the now larimar. You thought majestic was nice?
  3. @@colivia thanks for the info! I'm going to try to swing jellyfish
  4. @@kellymiller I have been talking to a woman from destination weddings.com who has recommended a few spots: dreams palm beach now larimar and majestic elegance I knew a girl that did Jellyfish so I really wanted to do that but recently got a quote and its slightly more to do it there than at the resorts (I think). I'm just nervous to pick a resort. What made you pick dreams? Do you have a large or small group? What day of the week did you do?
  5. @@kellymiller did you end up going with dreams palm beach? it is one of the places i've narrowed down to but am not sure…I'm looking to do march of 2015
  6. Hi Brides! I'm trying to book a wedding for March of 2015... I have heard great things about the Jellyfish but am wondering if it will be a lot more money. I am also having a hard time deciding which resort is the best to get married at? Anyone know which is better the resort or jellyfish? Which resort? Which place gets you the most without breaking the bank? Also my guest list is about 75 to 100 so I'm wondering if there is any other resorts with large function rooms Decisions decisions….any help is greatly appreciated
  7. I am looking at Majestic Elegance for March 2015 Why did you both pick this resort over others? I'm having a hard time committing to a certain resort I have a large group of 75 people and am not sure which is the best spot for the best price
  8. Beautiful Beach and Resort, Terrible Service, Do not get married here

    Pros: Beach, Views, Cleanliness
    Cons: Service- Deplorable
    Majestic Elegance Review March 6-14th 2015   I traveled to the Majestic Elegance this past March for my wedding.  Overall we had a wonderful time however there were many issues that came up during our stay, especially at the beginning.  I will start from our arrival and walk you through the stay to review my wedding week at the Majestic Elegance Hotel.  I want to preface this by saying that I am extremely laid back, which is part of the reason my husband and I chose a destination wedding.  Eve
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