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  1. @@CatrinaMcG We didn't have to take any documents with us n I got married 4 weeks ago. Just had to email them copy of our passports n witnesses passports. I have been previously married before n because I was still in my married name, n passport was still in married name n I was happy to get married with my previous married name I didn't need to have anything translated.
  2. @@nicolesal I brought the flowers but they provided the chair covers.my wedding/c didn't get in touch with me till about 4 months before the wedding. Once you start hearing from them they are very prompt with replies. My w/c spoke brilliant English.when you meet with them they give u a full itinerary of the whole day. Nothing should go wrong trust me! They picked all my guests up from tulum lobby apart from a cart for 6 ppl to my room and a cart for the groom/ groomsmens room. They take the groom to the lobby half hr before ceremony and once they check everyone's rhere they then ferry everyon
  3. hi guys, just got back from my wedding,n all i can say is there is no need to stress about anything. the day after we arrived we met with the w/c. we had Estefania and wendy. they were absolutely brilliant.they go through step by step as to what will happen on the day and were ppl will be picked up and dropped off. she will give you a full itinery of timings for the full day to issue to every person in your party. i had my ceremony at the Tulum beach location at 1pm.Amazing!! originally was at akumal hammocks but so glad i changed at the last minute.such a private location with no passers by,
  4. Hi has anybody got any pics yet of the new tulum beach location. We go on Wednesday n I'm unsure as to whether the location needs decorating with flowers etc!
  5. @@Maggietron When is your wedding date? I have no idea now as to whether I need any decor/flowers for the new tulum beach site without seeing it done it for weddings.will probably just have to go look at the site as soon as I arrive as I'm meeting the wedding coordinator the day after we arrive. Something else for me to stress about 4 weeks before the wedding! Thought I was all organised n sorted!!
  6. Well I've now Changed to tulum beach location...hotel has just confirmed this.I've had akumal hammocks booked since last February but had no Idea they had painted it.I asked them to send me some photos of the location set up, otherwise I wouldn't of known till I got there. Luckily they had 1 time slot left 1pm not Ideal but at least I could Change. I've attached photos of the new tuum location. @@Maggietron I'm sure if you just email them and ask if you can change am sure it will be fine. I've just emailed and said I don't like the hammocks painted now and she replied straight away and said
  7. This is the akumal hammocks which has now been painted white. It doesn't come with the ribbon though. Has anyone else got any pics of either akumal hammocks or the new tulum beach location. I'm getting married in 4 weeks and I can't decide which location to choose. Just need anyone's input if they've seen them both and which they think looks the better location. So hard to choose when you haven't seen them.
  8. @@Dreamteam17 thanks for the pics. Did the shadows spoil photos? Looks a bit shady!
  9. @ thanks anyway. -12 Brr that is cold. Has anyone else got any photos of the new tulum beach location?
  10. @ Have you got any pics of the new tulum beach location set up with chairs? Was just wandering how it looks set up for a wedding.really like the look of this location but might be to late to change now as I'm only 5 weeks away away!
  11. @@Dreamteam17 your pics are lovely. Was your flowers included in your free bouquet,or did u pay for them? Also was the ribbon included or did you bring your own?
  12. @@Andie This is what I messaged them: My surname is ( B...) which is my married name and the name on my passport. My maiden name is ( A..) which I haven't used for 18 years. If I get married as Donna B.. do I still need to get birth certificate and decree absolute translated and apostilled? This is what they replied back with: This is not obligatory. you have 2 options: 1. Only valid passport- if you do not mind to get married with the name of Donna B (WHICH IS MY MARRIED NAME) 2. Birth certificated and Decree absolutely traduce and apostille if you want to g
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