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    Cabo Weddings...any bride need recos or pics?

    Hi, @@MoniluvsMase, I hired Amy Abbott Events, who did you end up going with? I
  2. carah2520

    Some Planning Guidance Needed

    HI All! I'm getting married April 2015 and hired Lauren Lemke from Amy Abbott. They cost is $5,000.00.
  3. SAME ISSUE! THEY WILL NOT BUDGE ON MY ROOM BLOCK! i've been going back and forth for over a month and we finally agreed on a price (which was barely any discount) and she emailed me back that they only have ground floor available now for my 20 room block (my wedding is in 11 months) so i find that very hard to believe. It's so frustrating. Not to mention I said send over the contract asap and I'm still waiting.
  4. carah2520

    Cabo Del Sol

    Hi Ladies, I'm thinking of doing my ceremony at Cabo Del Sol, can anyone email me the pricing? Thanks so much for your help!
  5. Hi, Thank you for your review. I am trying to reach Cabo Del Sol do you have any contact info? I'm having a hard time reaching anyone. Thank you, Cara
  6. carah2520

    Detailed Cabo Wedding Review

    Hi, I have the same question, if you don't mind, how much did you end up spending? I'm trying to but a budget together for around 50 guests. Thank you for the review, it was very helpful!
  7. HI! I was wondering if you ended up hiring them? I have contacted them as well but cannot find too much info. Thank you!