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  1. ??? i don't understand the accusation. it's a wedding - basically a look at us event.. look at us, take pictures of us, eat our favorite food, talk about how awesome we are, watch us dance. give us presents... it is a me-centered event. who cares? if you are mad, then don't come. not understanding what the problem is.
  2. @mention do you have any insight into pricing in a resort v cabana style hotel? I am surprised to find that same event at a resort would be thousands of dollars cheaper than at a cabana style hotel.
  3. I was able to get in contact with most of these cabana hotels by translating my emails into Spanish. I have problems confirming the general price/ price structure partially because of the language barrier. Looks like, at la Zebra, for approximately 40 guests, the wedding would run about $10K, which is surprising, given the cost differential with a large resort (~$3000). Is this what you're seeing or did I misunderstand their pricing sheet?