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  1. @@Bride1030 I just came back from having my wedding at Paradisus Punta Cana, September 19, 2015. It was absolutely beautiful. They did an amazing job, the prices can add up, depending on what you add to your ceremony/reception and amount of guests you have but it is definitely worth it. The wedding I had there I could not have done in NY for the price. I highly recommend. I also used Tropic One Studios and they were great. Everyone loves our pictures and I can't stop looking at them. Rodrigo was our photographer and we was amazing! Very nice and professional. I personally would have knocked over a few of my family/guests because they kept trying to take pictures while he was doing so, but he was totally patient and I LOVE my pictures. When I figure out how to post on here, I will. Don't hesitate, they do amazing work at Paradisus. Maria was our Romance coordinator and she was fantastic, always replying and helping me out. Once I started working with the hotel directly, Beatriz, Miguelina and Sharlyn were absolute dolls and they made our wedding very special. Best wishes!
  2. I'm a September Bride, September 19th at Paradisus Punta Cana. Stress is really high now as the days get closer. Congrats to all
  3. Great article! Can relate especially with the guest list. Many of the people I thought would never miss it, can't attend my big day and I was so bummed while the ones I never wanted tot go will be there. So if you really don't want someone there, it's best to just not invite them. Listening to my FI and Mother say, oh they will never go anyway but you need to invite them, but like you said small stuff , it's not like I have to be with them the entire time. My wedding is in three weeks and I'm freaking out!
  4. HI! Wanted to know if anyone has done the Hora Loca (Crazy Hour) at Paradisus Punta Cana and if they recommend it? I need to finalize soon, as my wedding is 3 weeks away and this is the only thing I'm hesitant about as someone said it was a waste of time but I'd like to get others opinion. We have 84 guests now and I want to make sure everyone has fun. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  5. Hi! Is anyone getting married at PPC on or around September 19th? I'm in my final planning stages before I start working with the hotel. I'm getting nervous making sure everything comes out perfect!
  6. Hi Ladies, I know there are other threads out there on this subject but wanted to ask you all. How do you handle guests/family that invite themselves to your wedding? I have a very large Dominican family but i'm only inviting my immediate family and close friends and my FI is as well, he's actually closer to his friends than his family. We are inviting his sister and husband. She keeps reminding me to send an invite to her two grown kids that are both married and whom we have no intention of inviting. We are not close to them. How would you handle? I have told her SEVERAL times, we are only inviting immediate family and close friends, we are keeping it really small. She doesnt' seem to want to acknowledge what I'm saying. I don't want to be a bridezilla and lose my cool but I don't feel I should be having to deal with this already...I haven't even sent out my save the dates!!! Help! Any advise? Should I just let him deal with her?
  7. Hi Marisol, When I was searching for a resort for my wedding I saw many that offered a "free" wedding as long as you booked 7 nights at a certain location of the resort. I think The Hard Rock Punta Cana and the Paradisus Punta Cana both offered these options. At the Paradisus it's called Wish and I think they offer it at their locations in Mexico as well. Not sure about the Hard Rock, I didn't keep the email they sent me. Congratulations and good luck on finding a resort
  8. Hi! Congratulations and welcome! I chose PPC also because of the private receptions, I didn't want to have a dinner at a restaurant afterwards. I chose the Entice Me/Aqua package in September. If you email the Miami office they will send you all the packages or you can see them on their website under weddings. I booked with Maria and now I'm working with Jessica, whose wonderful. She's very nice and replies quickly to all my requests. I'm now looking into the Photgraphers. I spoke with Taimir at Tropic One Studios she very nice and I just received the price list. I also requested info from HDC( a friend used them instead of Tropic One) and her pictures were beautiful. I am surprised that HDC has better pricing than the Resorts but I dont' know if I want to pay $1000 "penalty" fee as I call it for using an outside vendor. My family is also coming from NYC and Miami and I know it will be a great time. I've stayed at the resort in the past and I absolutely love it. All the best on choosing a resort!
  9. I booked mine at Paradisus Punta Cana for 2015. After researching places in Punta Cana, I like their packages the best. Good Luck!
  10. Hi Danamarielouise, I'm planning to have my reception either poolside or on the beach, still undecided. My friend had hers by the pool and it looked awesome, she also had the chill out chic. She did not hire a DJ, she had someone in NY create a whole party dance playlist and she rented the speakers and someone from the staff played her ipod for the duration of the reception. She had been told by somoene else that had her wedding there that the "masters of Ceremony' didn't speak english well and barely spoke when it was time to introduce the wedding party etc; and she didn't feel she wanted to pay the extra fees for the DJ. Her reception started at 7pm for 3 hours and then she said the majority headed to the lounge for a few drinks and then the club. She said having it outside the only issue was some of the resort guests would walk right by and act like it was an open party but the staff were quick to turn them away most of the time. My other friend had hers indoors as her party was much larger and the set up looked really nice. Both looked beautiful but I really liked the look of it being by the pool, the pictures looked beautiful. I posted the link with the pictures and you can see the different reception locations. Hope this helps. I am still undecided on the extras i'm having but I feel like I still have some time to decide and see how many people will actually attend. I'm hoping my travel agent is able to get my guests good packages. Good luck on your planning and decision. I dont think you can go wrong at this resort
  11. Honestly the resort is beautiful. The pools were always clean and the service was great. I looked the Majestic Elegance as well but I found the package at PPC was more reasonable, of all the places I've looked at, they are the only one that include the private reception and you can add any extras that you want. Most others are a dinner at a restaurant and then charge you for a private reception and even for the open bar. The nightlife at the resort is great, the lobby and the club were so much fun. There is definitely something for everyone to do. Nicolecd86, I was told that they would give us a block of rooms 6 months out (i'm hoping with a special rate) but that we are free to book via any venue. If you go to their website directly you can see rooms are available for both January and February 2015, the rates are higher but seems available. Danamarielouise, I booked mine directly with their offices in Miami. I signed the contract, put down my deposit and we are all squared away for 9/2015. Its' a beautiful place and from what I was told by my friends the coordinators help you with everything so its not really necessary to hire an outside wedding planner, neither of them did. I am getting married legally in NYC and then doing a symboic ceremony in DR. They sent me this with my inquiry. Hope this helps all of you who are undecided on PPC. Again best of luck to all https://picasaweb.google.com/romancebyparadisuspuntacana
  12. The resort is massive but beautiful. The food is good and the drinks were great. My two friends actually booked after my recommendations . One did the Aqua package and had 70 guests. I saw her pictures and it was beautiful. My other friend did the chill out chic and was just as beautiful. She says she wouldn't change a thing about her decision to get married there. My fiancé and me stayed there for 6 nights and we had such a great time. The resort is so much fun. My only minor complaint was check in, which took longer than should have but once we went to our room we forgot all about the wait. The rooms were spacious and very clean. Every year that we plan vacation I want to go back to Paradisus instead. I chose Paradisus because after looking at other resorts it had yhe best packages. I'm very excited and can't wait. Good luck.
  13. Hi! I'm getting married @ PPC September 19, 2015. A couple of friends have been married there and it's absolutely beautiful. They both had wonderful things to say. I've stayed at the resort in the past and saw many weddings and since I've wanted to get married there ;-) I love everything about it. I can't wait. Congratulations AK1029 & jessrich
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