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  1. Wedding dinner is a special day for bride’s and groom’s families to get familiar, and dinner etiquette is important for their favorite part of the wedding weekend. It’s a celebration to allow you to express joy out with your loved ones and excitement of big day. Stress levels can rise and tension can grow as the wedding planning gets further underway. Here are the simple etiquettes which will make the dinner easy and enjoyable: Prepare the Guest list-Traditionally; those are invited to the dinner that is bridal couples, family members together with the wedding party and others like wedding planner. Although, it is finally up to the couple to decide who would they like to invite and who are included at the dinner like parents of the bridal couple, close family members including step parents. Your invitation should be polite to guests and this is up to the couple. Location and Date- Your location should be formal as a five star restaurant or informal as a barbeque. Their surroundings should be relaxed and casual and dinner should fall minimum a week before the wedding so that all last minute questions can be voiced and answered. Important that the dinner not outperform the wedding and reception How formal should it be- Disagree of formal is at the prudence of the hosts, but it should never surpass the formality of the actual wedding. Whatever your dinner style, send invitations after you have received wedding RSVPs. Who is hosting- Traditionally the bride’s family pays for the wedding and the grooms family host and pay for the dinner. Guests within the wedding party can offer to host the dinner and the host should remember that this event is meant to take the bridal’s couple from wedding and enjoy the time with family and friends in a fun and light hearted environment. Last minute tips- Bride and groom should allow the host to be in charge. Don’t try to take stress for event handling, just relax and enjoy the time. Make sure the dinner is paid for and there should be no Cause for the guests to pay for their meals or drinks. The hosts can manage the guest list from the bride and groom and should not invite additional guests. It is extremely tasteless to drink too much at an event. Every invitee should wear outfit according to the environment and no need to overdress trying to match the wedding themes or color. If Groom’s Father is the host than he can welcome the guests with a formal toasts. At that time other good-wishers can take the floor. Be prepared to rise and thank all of those who have toasted you. Later, you and your fiancé may also want to take a moment to toast each other and thanks to your hosts. Distribute thank you presents to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, especially if it’s something you want them to wear at the wedding. On this special day of couples, wedding bells will begin to ring. Remember these rules of etiquette while you are lucky to be invited to a wedding dinner. This article is contributed by Kevin Morrison. He is a professional Blogger and writer and possesses a very good knowledge about event planning in long island, NY.
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