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  1. Thank you so so much for all of the info you provided!! You're such a huge help, you really have no idea!!
  2. Thank you SO much for your help! You really have no idea how great it is to hear all of this from another bride to be! I am expecting around 30 people for my wedding as well...really I have no idea how many people will come! Is the South Sky terrace the one with the pool? God I feel like I have so many questions, because it is very hard to communicate with the ladies at the resort. With that being said...I really appreciate you and your advice! Are you having a DJ? I think I read you are renting speakers and using your Ipod. Have you heard anything about FineArt Studios? Also, are you bringing any décor type things from home, rather than paying for stuff at the resort? I am crafty and would like to bring/make my own centerpieces and what not, but am a little concerned about getting it all there safe and sound. I am so excited that I have all of this information that you provided, atleast for a reference for me to look back on while I plan everything!! Thank you sooo much :) Your wedding is coming!!! SO soon!! Yay! You seem totally ready!
  3. Do you know anyone that has used a package? I'm starting to regret it and am worried about the hassle to change it. If you don't mind me asking, how much is your photographer coming to? I just want to put my money into the right things. What kind of extras did you get towards your wedding for booking a certain amount of rooms? I really hope you don't mind me asking you a million questions! Thank you SO much!!
  4. Thank you so much for your help!! How many guests are you expecting?? Because you need a certain amount of room nights to get the freebies right?? Thanks again for your help! You're amazing
  5. Hi ladies! I've been reading through this thread and have a few questions! I am getting married at beach palace on May 8th, 2015!!! I'm probably only going to have 30 or so guests. I booked the pearl shimmer collection and am now regretting that decision. I've been reading that if you book 75 room nights you get almost everything for free!! I'm not sure ill even reach the 75 rooms, most likely won't. I'm kind of stressing out, worrying about spending money in the best possible ways. Still need photographer and dj, and am really dreading this 800 vendor fee. Any advice regarding the package I purchased, rather than going with the complimentary? Has anyone used and been happy with the vendors? Please help!
  6. @@MsJillss Im starting to think maybe I should use a TA! Im going to look into one tonight, especially if it will make things easier on me. I don't know if I would really be good at dealing with all those details!! The resort sent me pictures of the reception sites! So I am going to submit for my date and see what happens!! Im thinking the last week in March! And im hoping that Im picking a good time to go! I think I will speak with a TA prior to setting anything in stone! If you don't mind me asking....is a TA expensive?? Ive never used one for anything and am totally lost in that department!
  7. @@MsJillss Haha!! Yes thats right!! We have some awesome shopping days before April 2015!!! Im going to bring as much decor as possible also! So youll get your hair done at their salon? I havent planned on using a travel agent, because I was told since my party will be on the smaller side it wouldnt be necessary. But I notice that all the brides use one! I will probably only have about 25 people maybe 30. I guess its something I should think about looking into!
  8. I feel like I have SO many questions!! Have you heard about best time of year to go?? Now I am thinking the last week of March. Are you planning on bringing a lot of your own decorations??
  9. @@MsJillss Wow I am really glad I mentioned my possible date, because I def will not be booking the week of easter!! Thank you SO much for the info!! I feel so behind after reading how much you have set already!! I better get the ball rolling! Im starting to hope I don't have a difficult time getting the things I am hoping for! Thank you so so much for your help!!
  10. @MsJills I read that you are getting married in April 2015?? I am looking at the week before you, in hopes that it's still available. I have not submitted the forms yet because I really wanted to see reception areas prior to picking them. I was able to find pictures of the ceremony (which I will be doing at the Fountain) but I cant find any pics of the reception. I was also thinking of poolside, but there are two poolside options! How many people are you expecting at your wedding!!
  11. I did receive an email today with ceremony pictures but not reception!! When I submit the form I am supposed to put down my choices, but I want to see the reception sites first. So maybe I will receive pictures once I submit the form, I was just hoping to see them prior to paying just incase I wasn't happy with the reception sites that are available. Thanks for your help!!
  12. LindsT

    Top Resorts?

    @@jwalsh Thank you so much for the info!! I will look into that today
  13. Hi Ladies!! Im a new gal on this forum!! Its really helpful to be able to read your posts!! I am just about positive that I will be having my wedding at Now Larimar, but in 2015. Im thinking April, but have to do a little more research on weather and what not. I sent them an email in hopes of starting the booking process. I am trying to find pictures of the locations for ceremony and reception, and for some reason can't find them!! They are probably right in front of me...if anyone can tell me where to look that would be such a huge help!!
  14. LindsT

    Top Resorts?

    Thank you both so much!!
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