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  1. Thanks for that I will definitely look into him.
  2. Hi guys, Has anyone used Dreams Los Cabos provided photography, thru Pixan Photography? If yes, please elaborate on what you think. There is a package for $2000 that covers 8 hrs and other nice things, but is the quality worth it? Or who did you go with for photography that you loved or that you have booked for your upcoming wedding in Cabo, or Dreams Los Cabos? And is the price around $2000?? We are spending so much already and I know photos are one of the most important things but want to know if these are worth it thru Pixan, or are we better off with an outside photographer? Thanks!! Hanna
  3. Hi guys!! I have tried to book Marco Archegia as our minister and he is booked already and we would have to change our ceremony time from 5pm to 4pm or 6pm. I think 4pm might be too early and maybe hot and 6pm too late as we wouldn't be able to have a long reception and enjoy it. Any recommendations on what we should do? Or do you guys know of another really awesome minister we could ask for?? This is at Dreams Los Cabos. Thanks so much!! Hanna
  4. What photographer did you go with??
  5. Hi girls!! I'm getting married on October 8, 2014 at Dreams Los Cabos!! Any others getting married at Dreams in October?!? Happy Planning!!
  6. Thanks girls. Yeah that is the second time I heard of Marco for the ceremony. We will definitely try to get him, especially if he has been communicating well with you in advance. Photos are important to us as well and we still don't know. I wonder if we get a better package with Dreams thru the resort if they will be good and worth it? Or is it worth going outside the hotel to find someone. Wow, May is so soon, and you're right it goes by super fast as it has already. Good luck and let us know how wonderful your wedding is.
  7. Hi girls!! I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me.... We have the Ultimate Wedding Package and are planning on using the photographer included in the package, can any tell me what this includes besides 50 photos, are they there the whole time, ceremony and reception? Same with videographer? Does anyone recommend an awesome DJ for us?? Does anyone recommend an awesome minister for our symbolic ceremony? We want a light hearted ceremony as well as a DJ with a fun sense of humor. Please let me know if y'all have any ideas. And if you have any other advice for Dreams Los Cabos Weddings in general, food, decoration, etc...anything.. What about a Bonfire Party? Has anyone ever done this before, we are thinking for our rehearsal after dinner party but don't know if it is worth the price. Thanks guys!! Hanna
  8. Hi, that is cool, we will be flying in to Los Cabos on the 4th. Such a small world. I will definitely let you know about our planning and stuff, I would love to know about yours as well. We just decided our menu, big accomplishment lol. And still deciding on things like chair ties, private rehearsal dinners, theme nights, other decorations. So please let me know too because I feel so dumb sometimes about this stuff. Please feel free to email me as well if you wish, would love to stay in contact with you until our big days!! hanna.pool@@gmail.com
  9. Hi there, I am a newbie!! I am a bride, yay!! Our wedding will be at Dreams Los Cabos on October 8, 2014!! I love reading posts from past brides or just people who have information. The more I know and read the more comfortable I feel. Anyone have advice for me?? We picked the Ultimate Package and are still figuring out all the details....any recommendations for DIY decorations that I could bring with me to the resort? Is it worth getting a dance floor? What about a theme night, bonfire party? Buying/renting chair ties? Any ideas for cute wedding favors during the reception? What about cake flavors or looks? Hair or make-up person that you recommend booking with? Bring on all the input because I love it and it is SOOO helpful!! Thanks, Hanna
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