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  1. @@girlinthecity97 Thanks so much for the inspiring words! I really appreciate it and hope I get it all figured out soon.
  2. @@AllieH Thanks for the tip but we will have children in our wedding so that isn't an option. We did see that area and it was much nicer! @@girlinthecity97 They said they would allow me to get the old prices for the food because that is what they had printed at the BDR. I hate we didn't have the greatest experience either….we are really considering a Florida wedding now after all of this
  3. @@kmk2016 Yeah the prices are high but the wedding coordinator at Generations said they were planning on lowering them because they haven't had even 50% occupancy yet. She told me to have my TA get in touch with them to see what they could do so I am waiting to here back with the prices. We are getting married on the beach and that is why the beach was so important to me which is another reason why I am having a hard time with Generations. The beach was beautiful with no seaweed but we still don't know how we feel about the concrete in the water lol. We were hoping the BDR would help us make our minds up and I think it just made it a little harder lol. @@icoangel78 I agree I forgot about the fish…that was awful. I didn't think about every chef cooking differently at every resort. I wonder which resorts chef made that? Sorry you didn't get upgraded! They must have been full or something.
  4. @@kmk2016 We arrived at Sensatori at roughly 12:45 and was greeted as soon as we walked in and sent immediately to the concierge. We were offered champagne once at the concierge as well. The concierge said he had a lot to cover with us as he was checking us in but there was a guest standing behind us that the concierge looked up and asked if he could help in the middle of our time with him and the man was wanting to book the candlelight dinner so the concierge said he would be with him in just a minute. The concierge called to see if our room was ready and it wasn't which was fine so he gave us a pager and told us we could walk around the resort until the pager went off and then we needed to come back to see him so he could go over important information with us. He also said it shouldn't be very long at all that our room should be ready. We feel there might have been some kind of incentive for the concierge for booking the candlelight dinner because we felt very rushed after he found out what the man wanted. We began to look around the resort knowing absolutely nothing about it and found a restaurant to drink some drinks and get some food. We saw a really nice room being cleaned when we first sat down at the restaurant and my fiancé jokingly said what if that was our room. We sat at the restaurant until roughly 3:30 and still had not been paged. We decided to go check on our room with the concierge that checked us in. When we got up there the concierge we previously talked with was not there and so we went to the front desk to ask to speak with him. The lady at the front desk said he wasn't there anymore and said to talk with the new concierge. We proceeded to speak with her and she had no clue what the other guy would have needed to talk to us about or show us and she sent us back to the front desk. The front desk said our room had been ready and sure enough we knew it had been ready for at least an hour because we saw the maid finish cleaning it from the restaurant. We were then given our room keys and told which building our room was in and said our bags should be up there in a minute. We were never given a tour or was given any information about the resort. I was really upset with this whole check in process because during our stay there we saw many different families being shown around the resort by a concierge and realized that we never got that service. On our last day at Sensatori we finally found out where the beach towels were and the lady decided to tell us that with our room category we got free service at the lounge areas on the beach for food/drinks…that would have been nice to know before our last day. Also, the water that came out of the shower smelt awful and we dreaded taking a shower in it. The jacuzzi in the room was gross and crusty…I would never get in it! Our toilet also made these awful noises in the middle of the night like it was going to explode…we had someone come look at it but it still had issues. The lady that was supposed to turn down our sheets at night only did once while we were there. The good news is the outside of our room was more than expected. We were placed in the Honeymoon suite and had an amazing view! The food at the resort was fantastic as well as our servers! That truly helped to turn our first impressions into a more positive review of the resort. The pools were amazing and beautiful at night with all the lighting. I never got our BDR itinerary until I went to the front desk and they called the wedding coordinator down. She then gave it to me and went over everything. She was very nice and seemed very knowledgeable. We were able to view a wedding while there and was very unimpressed. The beach was not cleared of seaweed like they had said they would. They also said they block off people from walking directly behind or beside the ceremony…once again that did not happen. People were walking down the ramp DIRECTLY behind and beside the ceremony. The wedding directors were just standing there and letting this occur. The worst part about the whole thing is a yoga class was setting up right beside the wedding during the ceremony and then the yoga instructor blew a conch shell DURING the ceremony for the start of their yoga class. If this had been my wedding ceremony I would have been extremely upset. Another bride to be and her mother (there for the BDR as well) was standing with my fiancé and I watching this happen and they both were extremely put off by this as well. Needless to say my fiancé and I decided after this we would not like to have our wedding here even though this is where we were leaning towards. The wedding receptions locations as well as the beach/water also played a part in this choice as well but everything else just made our decision that much easier. We went on a lovely tour of Azul Beach! It was beautiful! The beach was gorgeous as well as the water color. I love the reception locations available especially chill! The spa was extremely nice as well…the best we saw on the whole trip. The rooms were very updated with the exception of the basic room (which most of our guests would stay in The two down sides to this resort are we were not impressed with the pools especially the small pool that was the closest to the beach. The other downside is it was very small with only one restaurant that served breakfast and lunch. Generations Riviera Maya was beautiful! We really enjoyed the tour of this resort. The pier was absolutely breathtaking and would be perfect for a reception!!! The rooms were so nice and the fact they were new was a very big plus! These rooms made our room at Azul Sensatori not look as nice as we thought in the beginning. The pool was much nicer than I thought it would be. The sandbags are supposed to be removed hopefully sometime early next year but the concrete will still be in the water. The concrete blocks were definitely an eye sore but the water was a beautiful color. The fact that our guests could stay at either El Dorado or Generations was a plus and that we could use all the restaurants over there! Ana was very nice and was very informative. Ana was able to get us in to eat lunch there so we could experience the food at Generations. The lunch was amazing and we were all very pleased with our tour. The very unfortunate part of this experience which I don't think had anything to do with Genereations was after our lunch we were stuck in the lobby waiting on transportation for 2 hours!!!! We were told it would only by 8 minutes then 30 minutes then all of a sudden it was 1 1/2 hours. One of the other brides and her mother were with us and were trying to get something done about this because everyone we talked to knew nothing about the transportation or where it was. The worst part is there was a Lomas bus sitting outside the whole time we were there and he said he was waiting on other people…who we never saw show up in the 2 hours we were there. After the other bride and mother complained enough Generations finally paid for a cab to come get us and take us back to Sensatori so we could still enjoy the little bit of day left. As we were leaving there was another couple there for the BDR that had been waiting there for almost 2 hours to do the tour of Generations and then was never given one nor was offered to be taken back to their home resort until we saw them. Generations finally paid to get them a cab back as well. Generations did what they could but kept saying the transportation was Lomas. I must tell you this really upset every party involved because Lomas is the company you have to do all the wedding planning with! We were all totally unimpressed. Ana apologized to us at the BDR the next morning. We were supposed to have our Sensatori site tour earlier that day but obviously missed it due to Lomas. When we got back to Sensatori we got a quick tour but it was already so late we were over it. The BDR was a good experience and it was neat to be able to meet with other brides who are in the same situation with wedding planning. The presentation and the booths were great! We were able to visit with different photographers and see the different options with decorations. The wine vendor was amazing and very knowledgable. The major let down was the food which was very disappointing considering the resort food was so amazing. The appetizer and soup were great but the main course was dry and not good in the least bit. Ana was sitting at our table during the food tasting and I asked her if there was anyway the Filet could be grilled and she said no. This was also a downside for me because I am not a fan of sautéed meat. The cake tastings were not good either they were dry and the icing was awful. The other issue I had was with looking at the private food menu while at the BDR. The prices were half the price as what I saw online before we left. I asked Ana about it and she assured me they were the same prices. I checked when I got home and they definitely were not. Everything was also sooo expensive….$50 for two little flowers was ridiculous!! The whole experience was not the best. My fiancé and I are now even reconsidering having our wedding in Mexico because of the experiences we had while down there. *Oh and I tried posting a picture of the fan but I don't think I can because I don't have enough posts…what is your e-mail address?
  5. @@kmk2016 I only got 2/4 of your questions answered while there. To make a long story short….It was a bad day the day we went on the site tour at Sensatori. 1.) The fans included in the sky deck wedding was nothing I would want in my wedding. They were cheap looking…I took a picture of them for you just in case you wanted me to e-mail it to you. 2.) Yes the kids are 50% off if you want them to eat the same buffet/private dinner menu as the rest of your guests but if you wanted them to eat off the kids menu then there is no charge. I tried to get the dimensions for the sky deck wedding but the wedding coordinator had no idea and we didn't get a chance to go up there (even though I brought a tape measure). I hope this helped you a little!
  6. I just went to the BDR and visited Dreams Riviera. I can tell you the beach/water at Sensatori is awful! The seaweed is so bad and they didn't even rake it up for the wedding I saw there!! I was originally planning on having my wedding there but once I went down to look at it I decided against it. Azul Beach has a gorgeous beach with pretty water. It is a smaller resort and the rooms are all updated except the basic room. The pools were not my favorite but I really liked their reception locations and the beach. Dreams had a really nice beach but was packed and didn't have the best food. I did tour Generations Riviera Maya and it had a gorgeous pier you could have your wedding on but was more expensive.
  7. @@pddcmc Do you know if long pants means dress pants, linens, or jeans?
  8. Does anyone know if we need to bring adapters for the outlets for our phone chargers/hairdryers? Are there hairdryers and irons in the rooms at Azul Sensatori?
  9. Does anyone know if the restaurants here require men to only where pants and if so what kind?
  10. Does anyone know if men have to wear long pants to every restaurant at Azul Sensatori? What does long pants include (jeans, kakis, linens) or can they wear linen shorts with Sperrys?
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