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  1. @@csho That's awesome- our dates are close! I can't believe how close it's getting! We're getting married off the resort in Punta Cana called The Jellyfish Restaurant I've been to Cuba twice (Cayo CoCo & Varadaro). What resort are you getting married at?
  2. Hello Brides, I've been trying to book the Bridal Suite next to the Spa for over one month now, and they won't email me back. Our Wedding Day is May 7th. Can somebody please help! I've been emailing 2 different email addresses (girls at the Spa). Thank you!
  3. Angelina & Kyle - May 7, 2014 at Jellyfish, staying at Now Larimar
  4. Hello Canadian Brides!!!! I'm Angelina, a Newfoundland bride and we're getting married in Punta Cana on May 7, 2014. It's coming up really fast Anybody else a May 2014 PC Bride?
  5. Hi, I don't have your email address. Could you email me @ angelina_plichie_@hotmail.com Thanks
  6. I was wondering if anybody has suggestions/a good price for a videographer? Thanks, Angelina
  7. I was wondering about booking the lower level and beach of the Jellyfish? Does anyone have input on this? Is it necessary? I would like the wedding to be exclusive, but would like to save the cost if it wasn't exactly necessary. Thoughts? Thanks in advance, Angelina
  8. Hello Brides, I'm looking into a videographer for our wedding in May! I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions or good prices? Thanks for your help
  9. @ Kristina Simms Awesome! Thanks again Kristina! I'm so excited!!
  10. @ Kristina Simms Hello! WOW Thank you for your Wedding summary! it's so amazing to hear that you had your dream wedding <3 and I can't believe the rain started pouring when your reception was all over. our wedding is in 10 short weeks and it was so nice to read your summary and reminder about relaxing and to enjoy the day! I do have a few questions for you! (whenever you get a chance to chat) 1) Tell me about the Now Larimar Spa. I have my girls and I booked for hair and make up. Do they all speak Spanish? was it a lovely experience? Did you get exactly what you wanted to hair and make up? 2) What was the Bridal Suite like they offer for $150/half a day? 3) What evening did you have your rehearsal party? Do you book that time with your coordinator when you get there? 4) What time do you recommend getting ready with your Bridesmaids? They emailed me a schedule for hair and make up starting at 11am and by the time 8 of us get hair and make up done, there were still apts @ 2 & 3pm which is WAY TOO LATE! So I let the Spa know I would prefer to start the apts @ 9am. A lot of girls are choosing to do their own make up, so now I have to email and cancel apt times I want the day to be the longest and not have a care in the world with tons of time for laughs & pictures and getting ready with my girls. Let me know the details about getting ready the day of <3 Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you!
  11. @@Jahanee Conner Hey Jahanee! I was wondering if you booked any appointments at the Spa for May 31st? I've been trying to book Spa appointments for hair/make up for our Wedding Day on May 7th. The ladies at the resort Spa email me back right away, but both emails were the exact same with prices and the form. I even emailed them the Reservation Form and asked them a few times if I could book my appointments, but I'm yet to get a yes or no answer ..... @@LindsT Hi Linds! Once we were assigned a wedding coordinator, we received an email from her with pictures/names of Ceremony and Reception locations @ the Now Larimar Resort
  12. I was wondering if I too could get sent the AR planner. carabin_250r@Hotmail.com
  13. @@Tiffany Ellison Thanks Tiffany! How is your planning going? Your wedding is 3 weeks after ours
  14. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had some contact information for a judge able to perform a civil ceremony in the PC area. We are still trying to decide between the symbolic and civil ceremony, but both FI and I seem to be leaning towards the civil. Also if anyone knows the costs associated with a judge performing the ceremony that would be great as well!
  15. Thank you Jahanee How long did it take for the Spa to email you back?
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